Africase 5 Shot Open Top

Africase 5 Shot Open Top

  • Africase
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Africase 5-Shot Open Top: Noble and exclusive cartridge case made to measure for the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Africase 5 Shot Open Top"

Africase 5-Shot Open Top: Noble and exclusive cartridge case made to measure for the respective caliber.

Our Africase cartridge cases are handmade in the USA from the best saddle leather. They are made to measure for the respective caliber, so that everything fits and nothing wobbles (or rattles).

The 5-Shot Open Top is ideal if the ammunition has to be reloaded quickly: for example on the driven hunt or the hunt for "Dangerous Game" in Africa, etc. The cartridge case is classic in appearance and due to the custom-made cartridge flaps the ammunition sits reliably in the case and can be reloaded quickly if necessary. However, open cartridge cases are not completely "loss-proof" - especially with rim calibers and in difficult terrain etc. it can happen that cartridges get stuck somewhere on vegetation or your own clothes or rucksack and get lost. If you want to make sure that the ammunition cannot get lost, we recommend the 5-cartridge wallet or a combination of 1x open case and 1x closed case: So you can load a part of the cartridges quickly and a part is reliably and captive available.

The Africase cartridge cases are of unique and outstanding quality, which you won't find anywhere else!



  • open cartridge case for 5x cartridges in the respective caliber
  • classic design
  • handmade from best saddle leather (approx. 4mm thick)
  • has belt loops on the backside



We have a certain number of cartridge cases in stock (marked accordingly) - all others are manufactured on a firm order basis after receipt of order. Please understand that the delivery time can be between 6 weeks and 4 months, because it is a real manual work! If it does not concern stocked goods, the exchange is excluded, since it concerns custom-made commodity.


Current: The manufacture of cartridge cases is currently discontinued and it is uncertain whether it can ever be resumed. Currently only cases in stock can be purchased. If you are looking for a case which cannot be ordered, please send us an email - maybe we still have a solution or a case which is not covered by the EDP (because some calibers are reusable due to almost identical case dimensions).


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