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Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a US-based manufacturer of high-quality mountaineering equipment for various outdoor activities such as climbing, mountaineering, skiing and hiking. The company was founded in 1989 under the name Black Diamond Equipment by the current CEO Peter Metcalf.

Its predecessor, a handcrafted hook manufacturer, was founded in the 1950s by Yvon Chouinard. He began to sell his goods from the trunk of his car and his climbing hooks quickly gained the reputation of being of good quality. Building on this success, he founded Chouinard Equipment in Ventura, California, USA. Yvon Chouinard went bankrupt and closed his company in 1989 due to several product liability lawsuits.

Move to the mountains of Utah

At the end of 1989, several former employees, including Peter Metcalf, decided to found Black Diamond Equipment. Metcalf decided to move the company from Ventura, California, to Salt Lake City in Utah. The reason: Black Diamond was much closer to the target group because the Wasatch mountain range in the Rocky Mountains was not far away. The ideal environment for a manufacturer of skis, backpacks, tents, trekking poles and much more.

In 1996, the company opened a branch in Europe, in Reinach, Switzerland. Ten years later a subsidiary in Zhuhau, China followed, which is both a manufactory and a sales office. In the meantime, the company has been acquired by Clarus Corporation for 90 million US dollars and bears the official name Black Diamond Inc. (BDE). 

Assortment and product quality

Black Diamond stood for quality as early as the 1950s, when Yvon Chouinard founded the company's history with his handmade climbing hooks. The company's products became the standard in various areas of outdoor equipment, thanks in part to the great commitment of its employees. They were not only involved in the (second) founding of the company in 1989, but also personally contributed to the development and optimisation of the products with their experience as climbers, hikers and skiers. In this way, innovations are developed and existing products optimised.


From the Black Diamond range, headlamps should be of particular interest to hunters. When hunting, headlamps prove to be practical equipment in various situations - for example when breaking up the shot game. With a high luminosity, placed on the forehead so that both hands are free, the field of vision is always illuminated. Compared to the headlamps that hunters are usually offered, the Black Diamond models are of a particularly high quality and functional design. The very compact headlamps - some no bigger than a hen's egg and weighing only 110 g - contain high-quality technology with high luminosity.

Among the different settings you can find light for close and far range as well as a visual light. In addition, the headlamps can be switched to an insulated mode depending on the model. This means that the luminosity can always be adjusted to the respective situation. Furthermore some lamps - like the Black Diamond Storm - have a red and a green LED for a night vision mode, without being noticed by the game.

Black Diamond supplies with the headlamps absolutely high-quality and practical equipment for hunters and that at a price, which other manufacturers can undercut only with difficulty.


It is not advisable to buy a tent for wildlife hunting. As an additional load, which you sometimes have to carry for a longer period of time, the tent should be as light as possible in weight, but should not lose any of its functionality and quality. The Black Diamond Ultralight and Bibler expedition tents are designed for demanding outdoor use and are not only a good choice for hikers, alpinists and climbers, but also for hunters. Bibler Tents' single-wall expedition tents are stable and sheltered even in strong winds due to their construction - flat wind trap and low height. The ultra-light tents from Black Diamond have a clear advantage when it comes to the weight of the equipment. Depending on the model, the packing weight is between 1.4 and 2.1 kilograms.

It should be noted, however, that the Black Diamond tents we stock in our online shop are not hitched tents - i.e. they are not available in camouflage design or with corresponding peep and bullet windows - but rather for overnight stays on wilderness hunts or treks.


Sports climbing, bouldering, trail running, trekking, ice climbing: Black Diamond offers the right equipment for very different purposes - from climbing hooks and climbing helmets to seat belts and express slings. The manufacturer's wide range of products is a credit to its history and its team, as a lot of personal experience flows into product development. The developers therefore understand their craft and know how to be an optimal product for climbers.


Those who are more into alpine sports will find skis, poles, gloves and backpacks for skiing at Black Diamond. Even bindings, spare parts and other equipment are included in the versatile assortment. These also include various safety equipment such as avalanche backpacks with airbags and shovels as well as avalanche beacons that send out a signal to support the seeker.


In the Hiking category, Black Diamond is well prepared for different weather conditions, locations and landscapes and offers its customers high quality touring backpacks, headlamps, tents, trekking poles, gloves and more to be optimally equipped on the mountain.

Focus on sustainability - and in our online shop!

Black Diamond follows its own concept of sustainability in product development and production. The company states that it produces as little waste as possible and recycles it as well as possible. This responsibility is based on Doug Robinson's "Clean Climbing" approach, which follows the belief that the goal is as important as the way to achieve it. Black Diamond has transferred this idea to the company and its products, pursuing both sustainable supply chains and environmentally sound manufacturing processes, as well as supporting conservation projects and non-governmental organizations.

Under the leadership of CEO Peter Metcalf, Black Diamond is committed to preserving and protecting nature. In cooperation with authorities, landowners and lobbyists, the aim is to show that a sustainable approach to the environment and natural resources and successful international business management are not mutually exclusive.

Such a committed company with high-quality equipment and clothing should not be missing from our online shop. Although the products were designed for skiers, hikers and climbers, they can also show their strength in the forest and mountains - especially if the hunter wants to combine hunting and outdoor sports. Take a look at the Black Diamond range in our shop. We are happy to advise you on the choice of clothing and equipment in an individual consultation.