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Blaser Sattelmontage DIN 7984 M4x8
Screws for Blaser Saddle Mount
Find the right spare parts for the Blaser Saddle Mount
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Blaser Saddle Mount for Aimpoint Micro
Blaser Saddle Mount for Aimpoint Micro
The Blaser saddle mount for Aimpoint Micro is suitable for various Blaser weapons. We carry many more mounts!
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Products from Blaser


Blaser - Manufacturer of high quality hunting weapons & accessories

Blaser is an important name in the German and German-speaking hunting world because the manufacturer of high-quality hunting rifles and equipment has a long company history and sells a large number of units worldwide - including the successful Blaser R 93 straight-pull repeater and the successor Blaser R 8. Blaser is known for its reliable bolt action rifles and shotguns.

The passion for hunting and nature drives Blaser again and again to top performance and has accompanied the company for decades in all product innovations and developments.

Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH since 1957

Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, now based in Isny in the Allgäu region, was founded in 1957 by the master gunsmith Horst Blaser. Initially, Blaser primarily manufactured rifle shotguns in various variants. A few years after the company was founded, Blaser made a name for itself in the industry for the first time: The company launched the Blaser 60, the first German hunting rifle to be manufactured almost exclusively with machines and not by hand.

In the 1990s, first under the management of Gerhard Blenk and later Michael Lüke and Thomas Ortmeier, Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH acquired the traditional gun manufacturer Mauser. In 1997, Blaser merged with the SIG Group, which includes the Sauer and Hämmerli brands.

Blaser hunting rifles are exported all over the world. The company achieved great sales success with the Blaser R 93 straight-pull rifle, among others. In the first ten years of production, Blaser sold more than 100,000 units of this rifle. In 2008 the successor model Blaser R 8 was introduced, although today both hunting rifles are sold in parallel.

In 2011, Blaser developed the "Blaser Edition" Defender in collaboration with Land Rover. The 60 limited edition vehicles were sold as special models with integrated weapon safes. Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH employs around 470 people and has a turnover of around 60 million euros. 

Blaser - Hunting passion is the drive for innovation

Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, like many other companies in this industry, was founded and is driven by great enthusiasm and passion for hunting. Over the years, Blaser has developed and defined the following principles:

  • Innovation as the driving force to face the new challenges of hunting as a hunter.
  • Responsibility as an engine for meaningful technological progress, without losing sight of the ethical obligation.
  • Enthusiasm as a unifying characteristic of different employees who contribute their own personalities and skills.
  • Perfection as a demand for every design and manufacturing step that brings hunting weapons and accessories to their maximum performance and gives every product its incomparable Blaser character.


Blaser Products at

Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH primarily develops and manufactures hunting rifles which, according to strict specifications, may only be sold by selected specialist dealers in the stationary trade. As an online specialist dealer for hunting equipment, we can offer you high-quality accessories for the Blaser hunting rifles - especially riflescope mounts.

The original Blaser saddle mount is suitable for every rifle and every combined Blaser hunting rifle. The one-piece mounting body can be mounted stress-free via four recesses on the barrel, approximately at the height of the chamber. The locking levers only have to be pushed down to lock the Blaser rifle scope mount. Further assembly work is not necessary. There are no mounting bases that can be disturbing. After the rifle scope has been shot in, it can be removed from the rifle at any time and reattached as often as required. The repeat accuracy is 100 %.

Reliability, precision and 10 years warranty on the shooting performance are the decisive features of the original Blaser saddle mount, which you can buy online at It can easily be ordered with the appropriate version for the target optics, for example with Swarovski SR splint, Zeiss ZM / VM Rail, Picatinny rail or rings. The Blaser scope mount is also available for the Aimpoint Micro.

For the bolt action rifles R 8 and R 93 as well as the tilt- barrel rifle K 95 you will also find suitable accessories for the open sight. The LED light-emitting front sight is a proprietary development of Titanium Gunworks and ideally suited to enable "target acquisition" via the open sight in undreamt-of performance on driven hunts and searches - both in daylight as well as in poor lighting conditions and at dusk. Thanks to the innovative LED Sight, the weapon is quickly ready for use and the sighting over the rear sight and front sight is very precise. Titanium Gunworks offers different versions of the LED Sight in its online shop - also for many other hunting rifle models.