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Products from Caldwell

Caldwell - Accessories for Hunting & Shooting

Caldwell is one of the trademarks of Battenfeld Technologies Inc. based in Columbia, Missouri, USA. Among German hunters and marksmen, the brand is known for its practical accessories - especially the rifle rests for the shooting range.

"We produce innovative, high-quality branded products that consumers recognize and trust.


Caldwell - a brand of Battenfeld Technologies Inc.

Caldwell is a brand name that operates under Battenfeld Technologies Inc., founded in 1992. Caldwell's hunting and shooting accessories complement the company's extensive range of products, one of the world's leading manufacturers of shooting, reloading, gunsmithing and weapon cleaning equipment. "Our development team strives to produce premium products through an intensive ISO 9001: 2000 process. With quality accessories and the best customer service, Battenfeld has committed itself to an excellent level and strives to satisfy every customer.

Caldwell rifle rests & shooting range equipment

In addition to other accessories for shooting and hunting, Caldwell offers high-quality, functional rifle rests and shooting bags. They complement not only the equipment for hunting, but in particular the equipment for benchrest shooting or shooting the weapon on the shooting range. In both areas - whether as front shooting support as a rifle rest or sandbag - the products are mostly provided with a soft overlay. The advantage: The weapon cannot scratch during firing, because the support points are free of hard edges and solid materials.

The rifle rests can be adjusted manually with screws both in height and in side. The bags, which are filled with sand or other materials, can be "varied" by the amount. On the high seat, for example, this offers the advantage that an uneven surface can be levelled out. The shooting supports are made for the front and rear parts of the weapon. They are made of high quality leather and polyester to achieve the best possible stability (in combination with the filling) and slip resistance.

The rifle rests can also be adjusted very well to the individual conditions of the ground by means of adjustable feet. This gives them a very solid stand - ideal for firing the gun or for competition when maximum precision is required.


Caldwell products can be found in our online shop in the "shooting range" category.