Chris Reeve Inkosi Small

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Chris Reeve Inkosi Small The Inkosi is the newest of the folding knives and is translated... mehr
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Chris Reeve Inkosi Small

The Inkosi is the newest of the folding knives and is translated as "The Chief". It is just as strong:

Two phosporized bronze spacer discs ensure a smooth running of the blade when folding out and in. The blade is hollow-ground and the back is stronger than on the Sebenza´s, as is the pin. All heavy duty with an incredibly elegant appearance. The knife is designed as a one-hand knife and can be opened comfortably with only one hand. The locking mechanism of the blade is simple, but works extremely reliably and is part of the titanium grip.

All in all a knife of a special class.

The Inkosi comes in two different sizes (Small & Large). The Inkosi Small (7.1 cm blade length) has the ideal size as a universal "everyday" and "pocket" knife.


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Eigenschaften für Chris Reeve Inkosi Small
Klingenmaterial: Crucible S35VN
Klingenlänge [mm]: 71
Klingendicke [mm]: 3.2512
Klingenhärte: 59-60 RC
Griffmaterial: 6Al4V Titanium
Grifflänge [mm]: 95
Griffdicke [mm]: 3,1877
Gesamtlänge [mm]: 166,5
Gewicht [g]: 85
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