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Docter - high-quality sighting optics & sights from Thuringia

In hunting and shooting, Docter is a household name worldwide, as the company from Eisfeld in Thuringia meets the highest standards of optics and sights. They can draw on a wealth of experience from over 120 years of the company's history.

The company writes a proud tradition that combines incentive, passion and innovative spirit in equal measure.


Docter - a brand that stands for quality

The company's history begins before the Second World War with the spin-off of Docter from the Carl Zeiss Jena company, which applied for its first patent as early as 1893 and can thus look back on more than 120 years of tradition. At the same time, the first high-quality optics for hunting and leisure were manufactured - first the first rifle scope for rifles in 1892 and a year later the first "double field glasses". This was followed by the first observation telescope, the first binoculars with wide-angle eyepiece and the first riflescopes with lens reversal system. The Carl Zeiss production facilities in Jena and, shortly afterwards, in Eisfeld are considered to be the birthplaces for the industrial production of high quality optics - in Germany.

Decades later, in 1952, the company was founded in Eisfeld as a supplier for Carl Zeiss. Over the years, the company quickly developed into a manufacturer of precision optical products for consumers and industry. In 1991, one year after German reunification, Bernhard Docter took over the company - giving it and its products his name. A name that is known all over the world today. Under the name Docter-Optic-Eisfeld GmbH, the company continued to develop and manufacture binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes and other optical products according to the old Zeiss tradition. In particular, the range of rifle optics has been greatly expanded in recent years - for example with illuminated reticles, parallax compensation or reflex sights.

In November 1995, Docter-Optic had to file for bankruptcy. In April 1997 the company was closed after several unsuccessful takeover talks. Fortunately, a workforce of 40 employees was able to continue working for Analytik Jena GmbH. The partial takeover already proved successful in the first year. Around 100 employees now work in Eisfeld.

In 2016 NOBLEX GmbH, a subsidiary of VF Capital GmbH, acquired the Eisfeld site and today carries the optical products of the Docter brand.

Despite a sometimes confusing company history, which initially frightened some partners after the takeover by Analytik Jena, Docter has maintained its high standards for high-quality optical products. A high level of quality, a fair price, perfect customer benefits and harmonious design are still the top priorities today. The goal is a high variety of products that are application-oriented and innovatively designed. It is not least thanks to highly motivated employees that an important part of the German optical industry has been preserved.

DOCTERsight reflex sights for driven hunts

It is, among other things, the DOCTERsight, the further development of the traditional open sights, which gives the Docter brand an international reputation. The reflex sights are considered a revolution in sighting technology, combining the advantages of conventional target acquisition with the advantages of optical and electronic technology. Docter's reflex sights were specially developed for the volatile shot and are therefore extremely suitable for driven hunts.


The Docter reflex sights are available in the following versions:

  • QuickSight: With the QuickSight, Docter has launched the flattest and smallest reflex sight on the market. Instead, they do without the usual tube construction. The QuickSight was designed in a closed design, which has its advantages especially under hard weather conditions.
  • DocterSight C: This edition of the DocterSight reflex visor not only impresses with excellent corrosion protection, high abrasion resistance and extremely high hardness, but also in five different colours: sand brown, singal orange, silver grey, camouflage and black. The integrated flip tab allows quick release from the scope mount. The 4-point safety device effectively protects the DocterSight C from unnoticed loss.
  • DocterSight III: The new generation of Docter visors features a high-strength, waterproof housing made of special aluminium, infinitely variable reticle adjustment, sharp dot imaging across the entire field of view and excellent night vision.
  • DocterSight II Plus: This reflex visor sets new standards due to its first-class features, even under the toughest conditions. The housing is made of high-quality steel with hard anodised aluminium. The overall height is low, the dead weight very low.

In addition to various models of Docter reflex sights, you will also find suitable accessories in our online shop to reliably mount the sighting optics on your hunting rifle.