Edel Eiche All-Around Chair

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Edel Eiche Rundumhocker - A construction element for the flexible assembly of individual... mehr
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Edel Eiche Rundumhocker - A construction element for the flexible assembly of individual pieces of furniture made of oak.

Do you love ingenious, high-quality products? Products that cannot be found on the mass market because quality and craftsmanship come at a price? The all-round stools from Edel Eiche are handmade from extremely strong oak planks. A stable glued dowel allows the all-round stools to become small pieces of furniture for eternity. They are ideal for hunting lodges and hunting rooms with particularly aesthetic furnishings, but they also give their surroundings the finishing touches in the domestic living room.

The chosen dimensions make it possible to arrange various shelves, coffee tables and decorative objects flexibly and individually. Due to the rather high weight of the planed oak planks, each all-round stool stands stable where it is placed.

The ordering process runs via another online shop to which you are forwarded via the following button. For this reason, the availability status and the delivery time indicated here are not to be considered!



  • Dimensions: approx. 40 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm (length x width x height)
  • Material: rustic oak, planed, sanded edges
  • High-quality gluing with doweling
  • Handmade in Germany
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