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Quick-Release Oberteile für Zeiss Innenschiene
HMS Quick-Release scope mount for Zeiss VM/ZM rail
Henneberger Quick-Release upper parts for mounting a Zeiss rifle scope with inner rail on Leupold Quick-Release bases.
Content 1
€109.00 *
HMS SAMO Leica Tempus
HMS Samo
HMS Samo - a high quality alternative to the original Blaser saddle mount with good improvement for a cheaper price.
Content 1 Stück
€325.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight / Blaser R93 / R8
HMS Docter-Sight - Blaser R93 / R8
Diese Montage von Henneberger ist eine wiederholgenaue, formschöne Montage für das Docter-Sight auf einer Blaser R93 oder R8
Content 1 Stück
€189.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter Sight / Weaver-Schiene
HMS Docter Sight / Weaver Scope Mount
This mounting by Henneberger is used for the cost-effective mounting of the Docter-Sight on a Weaver rail.
Content 1 Stück
€85.00 *
HMS Aimpoint Micro - Steyr Schwenkmontage
HMS Pivot Mount for Steyr-Mannlicher - Aimpoint...
This inexpensive but high-quality front base for an Aimpoint Micro is suitable for the original Steyer pivot mount.
Content 1 Stück
€189.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter Sight / Quick Release
HMS Docter Sight - Quick Release
This mounting by Henneberger for a Docter Sight is suitable for Quick Release-Bases on your hunting or sporting rifle
Content 1 Stück
€85.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight / Merkel KR1 & B3
HMS Docter-Sight - Merkel KR1 & B3
This inexpensive but very high-quality scope mount from Henneberger serves to assemble a "Docter-Sight" on your Merkel KR1 or B3.
Content 1 Stück
€189.00 *
HMS Safe für Schwenkmontagebasis
HMS Safe for pivot mounts
The HMS Safe is a mounting for the front pivot mounting base. You can find many more Henneberger products in our online shop!
Content 1 Stück
From €225.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight / Sauer 303
HMS Docter-Sight - Sauer 303
An inexpensive but nevertheless very high-quality mounting by Henneberger for a Docter-Sight sight on a Sauer 303.
Content 1 Stück
€99.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight für Blaser F3
HMS Docter-Sight - Blaser F3
This scope mount by Henneberger is a repeatable, shapely designed mount for the Docter-Sight on a Blaser F3.
Content 1 Stück
€269.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight
HMS Pivot Mount for Steyr-Mannlicher - Docter...
This inexpensive but high quality front base is suitable for the original Steyer pivot mount.
Content 1 Stück
€149.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Aimpoint Micro / Merkel KR1 & B3
HMS Aimpoint Micro - Merkel KR1 & B3
This inexpensive but very high-quality assembly from Henneberger serves to assemble an Aimpoint Micro on your Merkel KR1 or B3.
Content 1 Stück
€189.00 *
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Products from Henneberger

Henneberger - German gunsmith with tradition

If something has quality, then it has endurance: Just like the company Henneberger from Münnerstadt in Bavaria, which is known for its reliable work in the in-house gunsmith's shop and master workshop. Henneberger is very broadly positioned, especially in the field of rifle scope mounts, and manufactures solutions for almost all rifle optics.

A family-owned master workshop: Henneberger passes on its know-how in the manufacture of reliable rifle scope mounts and the faultless repair of weapons from generation to generation. 

Founding of a gunsmith's shop in Münnerstadt

Rudolf Henneberger is a trained master gunsmith and decides to found his own company in Münnerstadt in 1966. From 1971, Henneberger worked parallel to his company as head of hunting rifle production at F. W. Heym GmbH & Co. KG. 1987 Hennerberger ends his activity at Heym when his son Frank enters his own business and turns it into a family business. First as a trainee and later as the manager of the company, Frank Henneberger, like his father, is committed to high-quality work on hunting weapons.

With the acquisition of its own CNC machining centre in 2000, the company created a second mainstay. The reliable assembly parts are still manufactured here today. Additional extensions to the company buildings ensure that today around 16 people work for the Henneberger company and supply hunters, gunsmiths and gun shops with flawless hunting weapons and rifle scope assemblies as well as other spare parts.

Work of the gunsmiths

Henneberger does not only manufacture rifle scope mounts, spare parts and other products for hunting weapons. All work is carried out in the in-house master workshop so that hunters can enjoy a perfectly functioning hunting rifle - whether in direct contact with Henneberger or through rifle master colleagues and gun shops. This includes, among other things, repairs in the barrel area, the production of special barrels, the firing of double-bullet weapons and the overhauling of used weapons. 

The Henneberger product range

Henneberger's product range concentrates mainly on long-range target ear assemblies, which all prove themselves as practice-oriented solutions in hunting applications. In addition, the hunter receives a reliable quality product at a fair price. All components of the rifle scope assemblies, which are available for a wide variety of rifle optics, are manufactured by CAD in the company's own CNC machining centre. Here is a current selection of the assemblies:

  • Aimpoint Micro Montagen: Since 2009, Henneberger has been the official supplier for Aimpoint, the inventor of the illuminated dot sight. Henneberger manufactures the basic body of the Aimpoint Micro mounts from aluminium alloys with an anodized, black surface, which have proven their worth thousands of times. The low overall height from 3 mm guarantees optimum target acquisition with the Aimpoint Micro.
  • Doctorsight mounts: Henneberger offers the mounts milled from the solid for a wide range of bases for the Doctorsight illuminated dot sight - such as Blaser, Weaver and prisms. In addition, blanks are available for special applications and special requests.
  • Swivel mounts: Henneberger manufactures 2-part swivel mounts with twist-lock fasteners that can be mounted with repeatable accuracy and shot-proof. They are available for all common weapon models as well as for standard, Zeiss, S&B and Swarovski rails.
  • SWIFT quick-release mounting: With this product, Henneberger offers a practice-oriented, unique mounting solution for all weapons with Blaser saddle mount, Picatinny or Weaver rails as well as Sauer 303/404. The aiming optics are locked or unlocked with just one lever. With this unique one-hand operation, Henneberger meets the needs of hunters and marksmen who go beyond the usual requirements of a rifle scope mount. In the locked setting, a mechanical setting prevents the lever from coming loose unnoticed. The SWIFT base is made of high-quality aluminium with an anodised surface. The operating elements are made of robust steel.

The range, which in addition to rifle scope mounts and mounting parts also includes triggers, insertion barrels and the "ballistics" area, is subject to constant innovation and product improvement. If specific requirements and products are required, these are implemented - as far as possible - on direct request. Henneberger thus offers an absolutely customer-friendly service and practical solutions for every hunter or marksman.