Hoppes Bore Snake Viper

Hoppes Bore Snake Viper

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Rifle cleaning simple and simple: Cleaning cords to pull through The Viper version has 50%... more
Product information "Hoppes Bore Snake Viper"

Rifle cleaning simple and simple: Cleaning cords to pull through

The Viper version has 50% more brush cleaning power than the "normal" version, a conical weight and a "lubrication" zone.
With BoreSnake´s from Hoppe´s you can quickly and efficiently clean your gun after hunting or visiting the shooting range:

For better preservation, we recommend spraying a short spray e.g. WD 40 or Ballistol into the barrel beforehand. Then let the metal end of the BoreSnake slide through the barrel from the chamber, grasp it at the barrel muzzle and pull the barrel cleaning cord 2-3 times completely through the barrel: The bronze brush and the nylon cord effectively remove powder residues and smoke from the barrel. Thus your weapon is quickly freed from corrosion-promoting powder residues after the hunt, lightly preserved and "conditioned" for the next hunt.

Tip: After larger series of shots or running soiling due to tombac deposits, we recommend thorough cleaning with a bronze brush, tombac solvent and VFG felt patches, then WD40 for neztralizing and preservation and 2-3 times the boresnake for "conditioning".


  • These tips are our personal experience: You use them at your own risk. We reject any responsibility or liability for damages!

Details and sizes of the Boresnake:

  • 6mm also fits .243, .244, .240 Weatherby
  • .250 is also suitable for .257, .25
  • .270 fits also for 7mm, .284, .280
  • .308 also fits .30, .300
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