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Special Binocular Editions from Leica

Sometimes you need a special pair of binoculars - for example for a safari trip - and sometimes you just enjoy a unique special edition with a matching bag. Take a look around the Leica Optics range: There are practical and attractive special editions to discover.


The Leica special editions for 2017

The conventional portfolio of hunting optics and binoculars for nature observation at Leica is extremely versatile and at a high level. Nevertheless, the manufacturer occasionally offers special editions - with special technology or matching carrying bags. Such a special edition is something special for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Geovid HD-B "Edition 2017

The Geovid models in Leica's "Edition 2017" line are first-class binoculars for safari hunting. Why? They feature a very high laser range - up to 1,825 meters are possible. The "Advanced Ballistic Compensation" corrects stopping points. Some stored ballistics data can be retrieved via the SD card. The Geovid HD-B special edition also features the Perger Porro Prism for very high light transmission and the Aqua-Dura coating, which makes water and dust simply roll off. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the bridge, handling is simple and comfortable. The fully rubberized magnesium housing is easy to grip even with wet, dirty hands.

Leica offers this special edition with 8x and 10x magnification as well as lens diameters of 42 mm and 56 mm. A further development of the HD series is the HD-R version, in which the Geovid is even available with 15x magnification.

Ultravid Safari Edition 2017

Experienced hunters and Leica customers are familiar with the high-quality Ultravid models, which use fluoride-containing lenses to produce brilliant, true-color images and sharp contrasts. The rugged construction makes it easy to use under harsh conditions. The special Aqua-Dura coating prevents dust and water from settling on the lenses. In the "Safari Edition 2017", the Ultravid binocular is available with a leather-covered magnesium housing. In addition to the binoculars, lens covers, neoprene straps and eyepiece covers are included. There is also a Cordura bag made in collaboration with the French manufacturer Aneas. With soft beige and brown tones, the bag is kept in the typical safari style. The ideal travel binocular.

The 2017 Safari Edition of Leica's Ultravid binoculars is limited to 100 copies - and is available exclusively from the online shop. So, make sure you get it!


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