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Kahles Helia TI35 Wärmebildgerät
Kahles Helia TI35 Thermal Image
Turn night into day with the Kahles Helia TI35 thermal imager - effortlessly observe and target game at night.
€2,500.00 *
Kahles Helia TI25 Wärmebildgerät
Kahles Helia TI25 Thermal Image
With the Kahles Helia TI25 thermal imaging device, you can relax at night and observe and address the wild boars - for a successful hunt.
€2,200.00 *
Swarovski tM35 Wärmebildgerät
Swarovski tM35 Thermal Image
The Swarovski tM35 is designed as a thermal imaging device for hunting and can be used both as an observation device and as an attachment on a rifle scope
€4,800.00 *