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Meopta rifle scopes without illuminated reticle buying online

In target optics there are different opinions and preferences as there are models from different manufacturers. In order for every hunter to be able to choose a rifle scope that suits his or her individual needs and requirements, we at offer a comprehensive range - including Meopta rifle scopes without reticle illumination.


Rifle Scopes without Illuminated Reticle - High Performance on the Hunt

Although the illuminated reticle has its advantages: Many hunters prefer rifle scopes without reticle illumination - for various reasons. They are used to this and have experience so that they do not need additional support when addressing the animal. Lack of (physical) necessity because they see well even in twilight and darkness. Unwanted overexposure of the wild animal in excessive darkness and insufficient dimmability. In addition, a luminous reticle is not necessary with every target optic - so lens quality and light transmission can provide comparatively bright images and also enable a good response at dusk.


Meopta offers high-quality riflescopes without illuminated reticles in the mid-price segment that offer an excellent price/performance ratio. The "missing" reticle illumination is compensated for by target optics such as MeoStar R1 1-4x22 or MeoStar R1 r 3-12x56 with very high light transmittance of 94 to 95 % and an improved dimming ratio. In addition, the price range offers first-class resolution and coated optics for optimum target acquisition.


Meopta rifle scopes without reticle illumination - the highlights:

  • MeoBright 5501 - the multi-layer coating on all glass air surfaces prevents reflections and increases transmission to 99.8% per glass air surface.
  • Glass reticle - high-quality manufacturing process in highest precision for reliable coverage dimensions and clear target acquisition.
  • Fog-proof and waterproof - perfect protection against moisture, fogging inside, rain and snow.


Depending on the model, additional features are added:

  • MeoTrak II reticle adjustment for reliable, precise click adjustment with easy-grip adjustment knobs and perceptible clicks.
  • MeoQuick's high adjustment range allows the target to be brought into focus quickly and safely.
  • MeoShield - a protective layer of the outer lenses against scratches, mechanical stress or other influences.


In our offer you will find Meopta rifle scopes without reticle illumination for different hunting situations. With its rather small, but very translucent lens, the MeoStar R1 1-4x22 is ideal for driven hunts or searches - perfect for the precise refugee shot. The MeoStar R1 4-16x44 is a rifle scope for distance shooting - the perfect companion for mountain hunting. If you are looking for an all-rounder, we recommend the MeoStar R1 3-10x50 rifle scope, the optimum combination of functionality and twilight performance.


Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions about the individual products or if you would like general support in selecting a suitable rifle scope. You can reach us at +49-6071-922765 during business hours - or simply send us an e-mail.