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Products from Knobloch

Knobloch - manufacturer of riflesticks for hunting

For a precise shot, especially when you are not from the hide, many hunters use aiming aids. The manufacturer Knobloch-Jagd from Munich has built up a renowned reputation for functional, stable rifle sticks over many decades.

Made in Germany is Knobloch's task and objective. They have been manufacturing innovative hunting accessories for generations.


Knobloch-Jagd GmbH: "Made in Germany" in the 4th generation

The company Knobloch was founded in 1932 by Gustav Knobloch, an enthusiastic hunter, as a wood and metal processing industrial enterprise in Hilgersdorf in the Sudetenland. After initially concentrating on the manufacture of ironers and hot ironing machines, the production of the first easily convertible metal hunting ladders began in 1935. In the 1950s, stalking and hiking sticks were produced for the first time, until 40 years later the first Knobloch shooting stick came onto the market. The company was supported by LEKI, one of the world's leading manufacturers of alpine skiing, trekking and Nordic walking. An experienced professional when it comes to reliable poles.

After more than 80 years of company history, Gustav Knobloch's grandson, Christian Sommer, has taken over the management. And also in the 4th generation of the Knobloch company the highest priority is quality. "Made in Germany is for us not only a buzzword, but also a task and objective. (...) Special care belongs to the safety and reliability of our products." The aim is to offer the active hunter tried and tested, high-quality in-house developments that combine German quality and a fair price. With a "Made in Germany" product from Knobloch, hunters receive functioning quality and innovative inventions. 

Innovative in-house development: The original Knobloch rifle stick

Of course, this quality standard is also implemented in the development and production of the riflesticks. The Knobloch riflesticks have not only been developed in cooperation with a world market leader, they are also tested by the TÜV and awarded for their highest holding power. This is the plus in safety for hunting - even under tough conditions.

The original Knobloch riflesticks use LEKI's unique technology: the Speed Lock System - the best external adjustment system with world patent. It has the highest holding power, enables extremely fast adjustment and impresses with its intuitive handling thanks to its self-explanatory mechanism.

Overall, LEKI and Knobloch set new standards for externally adjustable riflesticks. The TÜV requires a holding force of 60 kg, which exceeds the original Knobloch rifle stick by far. This is a performance that can be life-critical in case of doubt. Even with wet hands or thick gloves, the rifle stick can be easily and quickly adjusted thanks to the simple folding lever. The basic material used is a special aluminium alloy, which has been hardened using a specially developed hardening process. This ensures optimum weight distribution and maximum stability of the riflesticks. However, this is only guaranteed by the original Knobloch-Jagd Munich product by LEKI.

The rifle stick variants of Knobloch by LEKI:

Stalking stick and rifle stick: With only one stick this variant can be used optimally for different purposes - for example for hunting, for the way through the mountains or for trekking. The simple rifle stick requires a little more practice for a precise shot. However, it convinces with a very low dead weight and a stepless adjustability from 90 to 190 cm. When dismantled, the rifle stick is only 69 cm long. So it fits perfectly into any hunting or hiking backpack. A foam rubberized handle with loop, a rubberized fork, a rubber buffer at the tip as well as a long foam rubber slaughter in the lower area are the practical characteristics of the rifle stick with one foot.
Double rifle stick: Due to its two feet, the rifle stick offers more lateral stability when targeting game. At the same time, a Cordura cross-brace provides additional stability as a rifle rest. An additional rope prevents the two poles from slipping apart. This variant also has the advantages of a rubberised handle, loop, folding lever and rubber buffer for quiet stalking on stony ground.
Triple aiming stick: This variant is larger and heavier, but also offers more comfort when shooting over long distances. The rifle stick has three support feet that provide a secure hold. If you don't want to place the rifle on the Cordura cross-band, you can also remove it and use the V of the supports as a rifle rest. And although the triple rifle stick weighs 940 g and can be extended to 187 cm, it can also be dismantled to a handy 69 cm and put into the rucksack.

The manufacturer gives a 5-year guarantee on the riflesticks, which are frequently used in Germany as well as in Africa and Canada. Knobloch offers tripod heads as accessories for the rifles, which can be mounted on the handles. This offers you the possibility to use the stalking sticks and rifle sticks also for digiscoping and to mount a camera tripod.