Lupine Piko RX 4 SmartCore (edition 2019)

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Lupine Piko RX 4 SmartCore - the universal headlamp with 1900 lumens The Piko RX4 headlamp... more
Product information "Lupine Piko RX 4 SmartCore (edition 2019)"

Lupine Piko RX 4 SmartCore - the universal headlamp with 1900 lumens

The Piko RX4 headlamp can be broken down into three characteristics: light, small & powerful. Now in its third generation, it delivers an impressive 1900 lumens of light and can illuminate the night as bright as day. It is not bigger (the lamp head) than a matchbox and weighs only 200g as a complete headlight-system when ready for use with a 3.5 Ah Li-Ion battery.

Another new feature of the third generation (version 2019) is that the Piko has an additional diffuse "reading and camping light". This can be used particularly well for map reading, in the close range etc.. The size of the lamp head has shrunk compared to the previous version, the light output has been increased and the heat management has been improved. The app for control via Bluetooth and the radio module are new and allow a very individual configuration of the lamp.


Unique lighting system for every outdoor adventure

Nevertheless, the Piko RX 4 Smartcore is still an individual lighting system for a variety of outdoor applications: As basic equipment it comes as a headlamp. With an optional holder, it can be used effortlessly as a bicycle lamp, helmet lamp or also as treestand lighting (where hunting is permitted due to the threat of African swine fever by means of light). With the optional "USB-One" adapter, the Piko battery can also be used as a power bank, e.g. to charge the mobile phone.


Full control thanks to Bluetooth and mobile app

The Piko RX has a Bluetooth connection and an additional external switch. This means that it can be mounted on the bicycle handlebar or the treestand parapet, for example, or the luminosity can be conveniently adjusted to current requirements with the thumb at any time, or the lighting can be switched on and off. These functions are also available via app on the mobile phone, which can also be used for switching and informs about the current state of charge, etc.. In addition, the dimming levels and special functions can be conveniently activated via the mobile phone and adapted to personal preferences.

The Piko has a front-click holder, with which the lamp head can be changed in no time at all from e.g. a helmet to the headband or another holder.

The SmartCore battery has a capacity indicator so that you are not suddenly in the dark. (In addition, both the Bluetooth switch and the lamp switch display this information). The battery of the Lupine Piko RX 4 SmartCore can be changed with the Fast-Click system in just a few simple steps. Thus, the purchase of a second battery as a replacement and for a quick change can be worthwhile depending on the application.


Comprehensive accessories for every imaginable purpose

A wide range of accessories completes almost every wish and allows the lamp to be adapted for almost every imaginable application. Optional are also other battery variants, the lamp head alone or a version as a helmet lamp available. As accessories there are colour filters, various holders, spare batteries, and much more.



  • robust aluminium housing, milled from solid material
  • up to 1900 lumens light output
  • if required: Bluetooth control via external switch or mobile phone app
  • IP 68 (2m waterproof)
  • IK 09 (impact strength)
  • Battery: 3.5 Ah (25Wh)
  • Lamphead size: 32 x 43 x 26mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Light range up to 210 m
  • Charging time: 2:45 hours
  • integrated battery capacity display (Smartcore)

Scope of delivery:

  • Piko RX lamphead 1900 lumen with Bluetooth control and front click mount
  • Headband Piko R FastClick
  • FastClick battery SmartCore 3.5 Ah
  • Bluetooth remote control version 2019
  • Bracelet for Bluetooth radio remote control
  • Charger Wiesel

Light levels - burning time:

  • 1900 Lumen - 1:15 hour
  • 950 lumens - 2:30 hours
  • 650 Lumen - 4 hours
  • 350 lumen - 8 hours
  • 170 lumen - 15 hours
  • 40 lumens - 80 hours
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