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Products from Meopta


Meopta - hunting optics with a long tradition

As an internationally active company, Meopta sells binoculars and rifle scopes for hunting and leisure worldwide. Development, design and manufacture follow a very long tradition dating back to the 1930s. At the same time, Meopta succeeded in balancing modern technology and innovative concepts. With a fair price-performance ratio, rifle scopes and binoculars are reliable companions in nature. In addition, Meopta's optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electrical products have been used by industry and the military for years.

Meopta's aim is to manufacture durable and value stable products for commercial and private purposes that are of high quality, reliable performance and incomparable value.


Great Passion for Excellence & Quality

Meopta is characterized by a strong will to design the best performance and reliable products that will help the user for many years to come. Since its foundation over 80 years ago, this philosophy has driven Meopta to position itself as an innovation leader and not only to meet, but to exceed expectations for new products and technology.

It all began with the foundation of Optikotechna in 1933 by the engineer Alois Benes and the professor of physics Dr. Alois Mazurek in today's Czech Republic. Initially, the predecessor of today's Meopta company concentrated on the manufacture of darkroom equipment and enlargers. Later the development of optical devices for the Czechoslovak army followed. In 1946 the company was nationalised and renamed Meopta. Over the next 30 years, Meopta develops into one of the world's leading manufacturers of enlargers. Meopta is the sole manufacturer of cinema projectors in Central and Eastern Europe. The product range is constantly being expanded and improved. In 1992, Meopta began cooperation with TCI New York, a company that manufactures prisms, beam splitters and long-range optical equipment. To this day, a Czech-American company has grown - Meopta optika, a.s.

The merger of the two companies has enabled Meopta to cover a broad spectrum today. Meopta's focus is on the manufacture of medical and scientific precision instruments, digital projectors, devices for aviation and space technology as well as weapon systems and optics for nature observation and hunting.


Meopta - optika s.r.o.

The Czech branch of the company has its headquarters in Prerov, where research, development, technical planning, production and refinement of optical surfaces are carried out. Each component is manufactured in accordance with current standards and is continuously checked.


Meopta U.S.A. Inc.

A production facility has been set up for the American subsidiary in Long Island, New York. Here the focus is on the development and assembly of aerospace technology, defense technology and sports optics. The ISO certified company manufactures, maintains and distributes high-tech optical systems for industry, police, military and private users.


For nature, hunting & tactics - The Meopta product range

The Meopta Sports Optics range includes binoculars, riflescopes and spotting scopes for nature, hunting and tactical use. The individual product segments offer versatile series and models so that Meopta can cover a very wide range of requirements. In addition, the company offers suitable accessories for each model, such as lens protectors, eyepieces, cleaning agents, adapters, tripods or protective and carrying bags.

Meopta Binoculars

  • Whether for the beginner or the nature lover and hunter with high demands: Binoculars from Meopta are always characterized by a good price-performance ratio. The range of binoculars offers a very broad spectrum that has the right model for every user.
  • MeoStar B1: The binoculars in this series are considered the best in their price segment. Thanks to the extra-wide lenses and clear edge-to-edge vision, they provide a bright view of the field of view. For this reason, models of the MeoStar B1 line are often used for twilight observations. The high resolution delivers even the smallest details over long distances.
  • MeoPro HD: The binoculars of the MeoPro HD line offer very good performance at an affordable price. The optics and mechanics are so reliable and robust that nature observers and sports enthusiasts don't have to make any compromises when using these binoculars. MeoPro HD binoculars are built for years of daily use.
  • MeoSport: With its handy size, MeoSport binoculars not only fit in almost any pocket, they are also always ready to hand. With this model, users definitely have all the freedom to observe nature and the environment at any time and anywhere.
  • MeoRange: With this model series Meopta covers the requirements during a mountain hike or hunt, because the MeoRange was developed especially for this purpose and convinces with powerful optics and a distance meter within seconds. Barometer, inclinometer, thermometer and compass complete the functions of the MeoRange.


Meopta Rifle Scope

Meopta riflescopes are in the mid price range and offer very good quality for this class. For almost every situation in nature Meopta offers a suitable model for hunting and tactics. The different lines offer numerous riflescopes, so that different needs can be fulfilled optimally.

  • MeoStar R1: Meopta offers the widest range of models in the MeoStar R1 line. The riflescopes convince with 30 mm center tube diameter and robust aluminum housing. They enable precision - even under high loads. MeoBright 5501 technology reduces reflections and improves light transmission.
  • MeoStar R2: The riflescopes of this line belong to the new generation of Meopta. The MeoStar R2 models impress with their highest resolution and first-class zoom factor. The sophisticated mechanics and the innovative design make the riflescopes real professionals in their segment.
  • MeoPro: In the mid-price segment, MeoPro rifle scopes with 1'' center tube diameter are a milestone for quality. With a triple magnification factor and an extremely compact design, the MeoPro models are flexible to use.
  • ZD Tactic: The ZD Tactic line was developed for military, police and special forces. The riflescopes convince with absolute optical performance - especially at dusk and at night. High resolution, red dot sights and fast handling make the ZD Tactic riflescopes popular worldwide in professional use.
  • Artemis: The models in the Artemis series are flexible rifle scopes with illuminated reticles that offer good performance at a comparatively low price. The rifle scope is also made of highly robust and scratch-resistant steel, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of hunting trips.


Meopta spotting scopes

Spotting scopes offer a special view of nature and the environment. Meopta has a very long history in the production and development of spotting scopes and thus has the most varied experience. The Meopta spotting scopes offer the best image quality due to high-quality technologies and workmanship. The spotting scopes are definitely among the best in the medium price segment.

  • MeoStar S: In the MeoStar S line, Meopta combines the experience and know-how of over eight decades of research and development. The heart of the models is a fluoride lens system with high-definition and extra-low dispersion. Even under unfavorable lighting conditions, color fidelity and contrasts are high, while color fringes are reduced.
  • TGA: The TGA pull-out spotting scope is the ideal choice for observations at any time and in any place. Lightweight and retractable to 250 mm, it is perfect for on the go. At the same time, there is no lack of optical quality and a true-color, sharp field of view, as well as a robust mechanism that can withstand harsh conditions.


The Meopta Warranty

Meopta offers a special guarantee for various series from its range and accessories, provided that the product is registered within 30 days of the date of purchase. When the product is registered, the company extends the warranty from 10 to 30 years for all MeoStar and Artemis riflescopes and MeoSight illuminated spotting scopes. Warranties for MeoStar binoculars, MeoStar spotting scopes and TGA spotting scopes can also be extended. For the ZD rifle scopes a standard warranty of 24 years applies, which can be extended by 10 years.

Meopta grants the warranty, which is transferable, as long as the product concerned has been properly used and the signed warranty card from the dealer and the proof of purchase are available. Meopta does not accept any claims for defects due to improper use, incorrect operation, non-observance or non-observance of the instructions for use or unauthorised intervention/conversion or repair.