Truely not a "normal" T-Shirt

This is truely not a normal kind of T-Shirt: it feels like nothing. A warm kind of nothing...

If You are hunting, You are often used to walk in hard terrain, uphill and carrying a lot of gear, gun and more. Suddenly You have to stopp and wait for Your prey or forced not to move, not be recognized by the game. In windy wetaher, in rainy weather - whatever...

Functional underwear is common, but most of them don´t realy meet high expectations well. Totaly different the Phase SL Crew from Arcteryx. Once You put it on, You feel good and it feels like nothing on your skin: Just 99 gramms in size XL, which is truely lightweight and it works on a broad range of temperatures. Used solo in summer times and with additional layers down to the deepest winter. And it feels always right regulated - never too cold or too warm.

The Shirt is manufactured from Phasic - a syntetic yarn with a special waving. Sweat and water is soaked up immediately and vapors away within seconds. Also You wear it totaly wet, it still feel warm and dries fast on Your body. It even does not smell bad after a couple of days.

I have used those Shirts for more then 7 years now for nearly all outdoor activities, from running, cycling, hiking and of course for hunting. Even under a wetsuit while scuba diving or as sun protection while snorkeling. Without those shirts, I don´t go on a travel or a hunt anymore!

Note in 2023: The Phase SL series has unfortunately been discontinued, successors include the Cormac Crew and another option is the Ionia Crew in merino wool.

Picture: The editor (right) on a marmot hunt in Tirol, 2012 with the Arcteryx Phase SL Crew SS

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