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Products from Sauer

Sauer Hunting Rifles Accessories & Hunting Equipment - maximum quality

The Sauer company undoubtedly serves the premium sector with its products - especially its high-quality hunting weapons. However, being perfectly equipped for hunting and shooting also means carrying the right accessories. And here, too, Sauer is a company you can trust.

Instinctive handling. Maximum performance. Tradition & innovation.


Sauer - a traditional company with values

Sauer - the actual J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH - is one of the oldest manufacturers of hunting weapons in Germany. The company, which today has its headquarters in Isny in Allgäu, writes 260 years of company history. And they are proud of this tradition. Sauer has succeeded in combining traditional values with industrial high-tech.

Sauer was founded in 1751 in Suhl by gunsmith Johann Paul Sauer. No other German arms manufacturer that is still actively producing is older. Initially, the company manufactured weapons for the military; in 1880, hunting weapons were added to the product range, which quickly became Sauer's core business and made the company the world market leader. Thanks to continuous new developments, patents and various awards, Sauer was able to maintain its position as the world's leading manufacturer of hunting weapons.

The new beginning after the Second World War

During the Second World War, Sauer & Sohn manufactured the standard rifles for the Wehrmacht until production was completely stopped at the end of the war. Only after some time was production partially resumed as reparations for the Soviet occupying power.

In order to rebuild the company and in particular to maintain the valuable brand name Sauer, Rolf Dietrich Sauer founded the corporation of the same name with its headquarters in Eckernförde. As the state government of Schleswig-Holstein granted subsidies very early on, 70 employees from Suhl and 200 technicians from the region were able to start manufacturing hunting weapons very quickly in Eckernförde.

Starting in the 1950s, important contacts were established in the USA, which represented a high sales market for pistols, as well as in Scandinavia and Brazil. In addition to the production of hunting rifles, the production of rifles for official use became more and more extensive. The sister company SIG Sauer, in particular, gained a first-class reputation here. Police authorities from all over the world use SIG Sauer pistols in various variants.

In 2000, Sauer & Sohn was sold by the Swiss SIG Holding to the entrepreneurs Michael Lüke and Thomas Ortmeier, who were already owners of the companies - and competitors - Blaser Jagdwaffen and Mauser. Thus the three competitors were temporarily managed by the same owners. Michael Lüke is still a member of the company management today - together with Matthias Klotz and Florian Hasler. In 2009, Sauer GmbH was newly founded and the company headquarters moved to Isny, where the sister companies Mauser Jagdwaffen and Blaser Jagdwaffen were already based.

In 260 years of company history, Sauer has built up a considerable reputation which not only hunters and marksmen trust, but also police, military, special units such as CIA and FBI as well as the Swiss Guard of the Vatican.

First-class hunting accessories for Sauer hunting weapons

This is one reason why Sauer is an important name in hunting: Not only the hunting weapons are convincing, but also the accessories. You will find the following Sauer hunting accessories in the shop of

  • Magazines: The spare magazines in different sizes for different numbers of cartridges are ideal for quick reloading during the hunt. However, they also allow safe, uncomplicated transport of cartridges - in accordance with the Weapons Act. The magazines are available for S 101, S 303 and S 404.
  • Rifle scope mount: Suitable rifle scope mounts are an absolute must for precise, safe firing. And what could fit better than an original Sauer rifle scope mount for Sauer bolt action rifles.
  • Weapon cases: Sauer offers versatile rifle cases that are matched to the various rifle models and also offer sufficient space for rifle scopes, magazines, rifle straps and more. Here, both the modularity and the absolute accuracy of fit are convincing. Because a gun case can always be selected for the respective weapon. Whether the Sauer gun cases are more convincing with their functional or elegant design - they are all stable, can be carried comfortably and secured reliably! They are available in aluminium, carbon or high-quality leather. All in all, the Sauer gun cases are the ideal companions on flights and trips abroad, but also for every trip to your home territory. They guarantee 100% safe transport of your hunting rifle and cartridges in accordance with the regulations of the German Weapons Act.
  • Rifle slings: Sauer serves a wide range of requirements and preferences for rifle slings. The traditional version convinces with high-quality Cordura. Hatari is a successful material mix of canvas and leather. Not only safari fans are impressed by the look. A sewn-in rubber inlay prevents unwanted slipping on the shoulder. Sauer also manufactures rifle straps from neoprene, a material with high wearing comfort, low weight and easy-care properties.

In our online shop you will also find accessories for Sauer hunting rifles from other manufacturers, which can be used as an ideal complement. For example, we have designed our proprietary LED-Sight for use on a Sauer hunting rifle as an special front sight - especially on the Sauer bolt action rifles and the S 303 self-loading rifle. Due to its unique light-emitting power, the LED-Sight inspires both at dusk and in poor lighting conditions due to rain, the shade of a tree or hazy visibility. The rear sight and LED front sight can be brought into line at any time of day and in any weather quickly and in a targeted manner on the game, similar to an illuminated reticle on a rifle scope. Depending on the variant, the LED-Sight can even be used effortlessly in good daylight (chameleon with neon-green and red-orange grain). So take a look at the manufacturer Titanium Gunworks if you are looking for the right hunting equipment for your Sauer hunting rifle.