Savotta Jäger XL (Jäger I)

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Savotta Jäger XL (Jäger I) - A tactical hunting and trekking backpack with an extra large... mehr
Produktinformationen "Savotta Jäger XL (Jäger I)"

Savotta Jäger XL (Jäger I) - A tactical hunting and trekking backpack with an extra large capacity

The Jäger XL is the new version of the LJK, which was developed for the paratroopers of the Finnish border police. During the conception many experiences of professional users were taken into account. The backpack has a slim design. Due to its compactness, it can also be used for ski expeditions, for example. The sturdy Jäger XL is a flexible backpack with many advantages for hunting applications.

The layout of the Jäger XL

The Jäger XL is designed for longer tours. With its waterproof snow guard and adjustable lid, the backpack can be easily overpacked or compactly compressed to the required volume. The main compartment of the backpack is divided into two parts. The upper part contains a mesh pocket on the back which can be closed with a Velcro fastener. For example, a drinking system or a 13.3 inch notebook can be integrated here. The lower part can be accessed via a 2-way zippered front pocket. There are also four mesh pockets on the inside of the lid for transporting small items.

The backpack carrying system

The carrying system does not have an upper arch, so that it can be moved even in the narrowest of spaces. The system is very flexible and can also be adjusted in width to your own anatomy. The load is transferred to the body via wide hip and shoulder straps, so that heavy loads can also be easily transported over long distances. All buckles, both metal and plastic, are break-proof to -30°C.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: height 79 cm / width 38 cm / depth 23 cm
  • Weight: 3,8 kg
  • Volume: 70+10+5 litres (+ modular pocket extension)
  • Material: 1000D Cordura (100% Nylon)
  • Frame: DUR Aluminium
  • MOLLE system
  • Colour: Olive-Black
  • Warranty: 10 years
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