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Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight / Merkel KR1 & B3
HMS Docter-Sight - Merkel KR1 & B3
Content 1 Stück
€189.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Aimpoint Micro / Merkel KR1 & B3
HMS Aimpoint Micro - Merkel KR1 & B3
Content 1 Stück
€189.00 *
Innomount Quick-Detachable-Scope-Mount (SSM) for Merkel B3/B4/KR1
Innomount Quick-Detachable-Scope-Mount (SSM)...
Content 1 Stück
€329.00 *

Rifle Scope Mount for Merkel Hunting Rifles

You would like to use different target optics on your Merkel weapon? Do you want to use an Aimpoint Mirco or a Doctor Sight? This is possible at any time with the right scope mount. As a specialist dealer for hunting & hunting accessories you will not only receive high-quality rifle scope mounts for Merkel weapons, but also comprehensive, personal advice.


High-quality scope mounts - suitable for Merkel KR1 / B3 and B4

When choosing a riflescope mount, it is imperative that the rifle scope and weapon are reliably and securely connected to each other. So: The scope mount must be matched to the rifle scope and the rifle. In our range you will find various scope mounts from well-known manufacturers, which you can mount on the Merkel rifles KR1, B3 and B4.

If, for example, you are using a KR1 rifle and want to mount a Doctor Sight on it, the Henneberger mount will provide you with a reliable connection between the rifle and the target optics. The same applies if you want to install an Aimpoint Micro on a Merkel B3. Henneberger mounts are cheaper, but no less high quality and reliable. This variant will also hold your sight securely on the weapon and ensure absolute accuracy from a technical point of view. A loss of precision is impossible with the right mount.


Innoumount quick-release mounts for Merkel weapons

The rifle scope mounts from the manufacturer Innogun have proved particularly successful, as they are considered to be extremely easy to use. The special design allows you to mount the rifle scope without tools in just two steps. The quick-release levers have a similar function to the quick-release levers on bicycle wheels. This gives you all the freedom you need to exchange the aiming devices and ensures flexibility during the hunt - for example, changing to an optical sight for tracking wounded game.

The Innogun quick-detachable mounting system is available for various riflescopes - including riflescopes with Swarovski SR rail, Zeiss inner rail and prism rail. Doctor Sight and Aimpoint Micro can also be mounted effortlessly with this mounting system. With this variant, you decide on the height, mounting position and front tilt.


Competent advice - is your hunting expert

If you are not sure which rifle scope mounting is suitable and correct - also according to the intended use - please contact us. We will be happy to assist you both by telephone and e-mail and to advise you individually on the choice of rifle scope assembly for your Merkel hunting rifle.