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Sauer 404 Zielfernrohrmontage für Aimpoint Micro H2
Sauer 404 Scope Mount for Aimpoint Micro H2
Inhalt 1 Stück
€469.00 *
Innomount Reflexvisierung "slight" für Sauer 303
Innomount reflex mount "slight" for Sauer 303
Inhalt 1 Stück
€195.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight / Sauer 303
HMS Docter-Sight - Sauer 303
Inhalt 1 Stück
€99.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Aimpoint Micro
HMS Aimpoint Micro - Sauer 303
Inhalt 1 Stück
€99.00 *
Innomount Schnellspannmontage (SSM) einteilig für Sauer 303
Innomount quick detachable Scope Mount (SSM)...
Inhalt 1 Stück
€289.00 *

Riflescope Mounts for Sauer Hunting Rifles

The right rifle scope mount is the decisive element between the hunting rifle and the scope in order to achieve a consistently high level of accuracy. In this category you will find scope mounts that are suitable for mounting on Sauer hunting rifles.


Scope Mounts as an Essential Element of the Hunting Rifle

Even though hunters often discuss about riflescopes, weapon types and ammunition, the exchange of riflescope mounts usually falls by the wayside. The rifle scope mount is the decisive link between the rifle scope and the hunting rifle in order to be able to fire a precise and accurate shot. For Sauer's hunting rifles - about 101, 202, 303 and 404 - we offer you high-quality rifle scope mounts, including quick-detachable mounts, from renowned manufacturers.

We also offer Sauer rifle scope mounts from Innogun. The Innomount mount convinces with a very simple handling, which can be done without tools. This gives you the opportunity to change the target optics quickly and effortlessly. The Innomount mounting base is available for the Sauer 303 and 404. The mounts can be equipped with Zeiss inner rails or Swarovski SR rails to match the target optics. The mounting of Aimpoint Micro and Doctor Sight is also possible with the corresponding Innomount mounts.

The rifle scope mount from Henneberger is a high-quality, yet inexpensive connector between a Sauer rifle and the rifle scope. The systems made of aluminium are bulletproof and repeatable.


Choosing the right rifle scope mount for Sauer rifles

Not only does the scope mount have to match the weapon and the rifle scope in order to avoid misalignment and loss of precision. The rifle scope mount should still have a suitable height, allow repeating and ejecting of the cartridge without difficulty and be temperature stable.


Which rifle scope mount is suitable for your Sauer rifle also depends on the intended use. Should the rifle scope be changed during the hunt, e.g. for tracking wounded game, or is a fixed mounting sufficient for the hide? Removing the target optics can certainly be advantageous for transport or replacement, but fixed mounting is generally considered less susceptible.


We will be happy to advise you in detail and individually on your Sauer rifle, your target optics and the intended use. Then we will certainly find the right rifle scope mount for you. Simply contact us directly by phone or e-mail and we will help you!

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