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Seven Oaks Kanzelheizung
Seven Oaks Treestand Heater
With the Seven Oaks highseat/treestand heater you no longer need to freeze on the winterly seat - the comfortable heater for the high seat.
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€198.00 *
Seven Oaks Zubehör-Set 2
Seven Oaks Accessories Set 2
The Seven Oaks accessory set 2 consists of cartridge holder, gas pressure reducer and screws for the Seven Oaks pulpit heating.
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€29.95 *
Seven Oaks Zubehör-Set 1
Seven Oaks Accessories Set 1
The Seven Oaks accessory set 1 consists of a 2 m hose extension for the Seven Oaks pulpit heating.
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€29.95 *

Products from Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks - treestand heating for the winter hunt

With Seven Oaks GmbH from Krefeld, you no longer have to freeze on your highseat in winter or on cold nights. The manufacturer and wholesaler offers a modern pulpit heater for hunting in the hide or other leisure activities where you want to keep warm.

Modern & safe Seven Oaks treestand heating - Made in Germany


Manufacturer of innovative highseat-heaters for hunting

Seven Oaks GmbH relies on "Made in Germany" for the production of the treestand heaters. The production takes place completely in Germany. Seven Oaks considers all requirements, which one can have on a seat heater during the hunt, during the development of the cockpit heaters: Performance, safety and handling are our top priorities. 

Safety of the Seven Oaks treestand heaters

The Seven Oaks highseat heaters have an ignition fuse so that the gas cannot escape uncontrolled and unnoticed. A further safety factor is the additional oxygen deficiency protection. If the oxygen content in the ambient air is too low, the cockpit heating switches off automatically. In current models, Seven Oaks continues to install an anti-tipper. If the cockpit heater falls over, the gas and flames are switched off immediately. This ensures maximum safety on the seat - especially on sleeping pulgies or in tents. The treestand heating can of course also be used to heat the hunting cabin.

Power of the pulpit heaters

The Seven Oaks treestand heating has a heating power of 600 W / 1,100 W / 1,600 W. This means that rooms and seats of around 5 to 15 square metres can be reliably heated. Depending on the level, the gas consumption per hour is between 50 and 120 g. Even with a small 5 kg gas bottle, the treestand heating can run at full speed for many hours. With the 11 kg gas cylinder you have warm hands and feet on the seat for a very long time. 

Handling the seat heaters

An advantage of the innovative Seven Oaks cockpit heaters is the very simple handling and the practical transport. Measuring 32.5 x 17.5 x 36.5 cm, the cockpit heater is compact and weighs only 2.9 kg. In addition to the carrying handle, the manufacturer also offers a carrying strap for transport so that the treestand heater can easily be carried over the shoulder to the seat and back to the car. The treestand heater has a sturdy stand and wall bracket so that it can be used at will and in any available space.

The cockpit heater is switched on and regulated via an electronic ignition. The ignition is silent, as is the heater itself. In an absolutely quiet environment this has a big advantage. In addition, the cockpit heater is completely odourless so that approaching game is not frightened by smell. The ignition is operated with a battery, so that no power source is needed for the operation of the treestand heating.


Seven Oaks has extensively revised the current treestand heating compared to the predecessor models. Among other things, an additional plate was installed above the gas burner so that the flame is not visible even when looking through the upper perforated panel. The cockpit heater therefore does not emit any direct light.