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Surefire E1B Backup
Surefire E1B Backup
Surefire E1B Backup - The compact high power LED flashlight for hunting. Very practical, this flashlight can be carried in a jacket pocket.
Content 1 Stück
€209.00 *
Surefire EDCL2-T
Surefire EDCL2-T
Surefire EDCL2-T - A versatile, very bright flashlight for everyday use. You will find many more flashlights in our online shop!
Content 1 Stück
€269.00 *
Surefire Tactician
Surefire E2T-MV Tactician
Surefire E2T-MV Tactician - A versatile flashlight with high luminous intensity and dual output LED. You will find many more flashlights in our online shop!
Content 1 Stück
€249.00 *
Surefire P3X Fury Tactical
Surefire P3X Fury Intelli Beam
robuster LED Strahler mit Präzisionsreflektor für große Reichweite und genügend Umgebungslicht mit 2-Phasen Schalter
Content 1 Stück
€349.00 *

Products from Surefire


Surefire - Flashlights for tactical use

The Surefire flashlights are designed for the tactical area of police, military and special forces - and therefore convince with outstanding quality and performance. With more than practical features and impressive light performance, Surefire torches have always proven themselves in the hunting field.

An amazing luminosity, very high robustness and long battery life make the Surefire lamps so high-quality.


Surefire as a pioneer in the laser and light sector

The US-American company Surefire tells the story of everything that can be achieved with light - first in the industrial sector, then in the official sector and today also more and more in the private/hunting sector. In 1969, Dr. John Matthews, an engineer from Cal Tech University in Pasadena, founded the Newport Corporation with the aim of making lasers suitable for industrial use. The company quickly developed into a pioneer in industrial laser technology - until Matthews discovered his passion for shooting and combined this hobby with laser technology. Newport Corporation develops a laser sight that can be mounted on a firearm as a light source.

Since the new laser technology for firearms does not cover the core business of the Newport Corporation, Matthews and some technical employees decide to outsource the laser sighting business and found a new company: Laser Products. From now on, the focus will be on the commercial use of lasers. A pistol sight for a Colt Tropper is the company's first product, followed shortly afterwards by a laser sight for a Ruger Mini 14. In 1984, a call from a police department changed the company's entire direction: the SWAT team of the Los Angeles Police Department wanted to borrow laser-equipped shotguns from the company to secure the 1984 Olympic Games in the city.

In the years that followed, it became clear that commercial success was lacking because laser technology was simply too expensive for weapons. However, the official business flourished. Law enforcement agencies and the military develop great interest in the Surefire weapon light. The company establishes itself as a manufacturer of robust, powerful and increasingly compact lamps for tactical use. In addition to the weapon lights and laser sighting, shield and rod lamps as well as hand lights are added.

Due to the excellent reputation of Surefire, it was decided to give the company the same name and renamed Laser Products SureFire LLC.

Surefire lamps for hunters

According to the German Weapons Act (WaffG) § 2 Abs. 3 i.V.m., flashlight pistols as well as devices on weapons that illuminate or mark the target are prohibited. Annex 2 para. is prohibited. The manufacturer Surefire offers nevertheless helpful lamps for the hunting employment - primarily stick and/or flashlights as well as head lamps. 

Surefire torches and flashlight

The torches and flashlights are available in very different versions - and even the most compact models convince with outstanding luminosity. Depending on light level and lumen, the flashlights are suitable for continuous use for days on end: the G2X Pro, for example, emits around 52 hours in the lowest setting at 15 lumens and around 1.5 hours in the maximum setting of 600 lumens. Usually the lowest steps are sufficient to illuminate the trunk or the rucksack or to find the way to the high seat without possibly startling wild animals. With maximum luminosity, meadows, forest edges and the like can be effortlessly illuminated or a search or death search can be successfully carried out.

With a length of sometimes less than 9 cm, the flashlights are extremely handy and can be easily stored in your jacket pocket or backpack. Nevertheless, the compact flashlights do not lose any of their luminosity. Surefire is therefore regarded as the inventor of ultra-bright, super-light rod lamps.

Hearing protection from Surefire

The in-ear hearing protection models Sonic Defenders are also interesting for hunting use. They are ideal for hunting and shooting, because the Sonic Defenders leave normal noises in the ear. Impulsive noise and banging noises - i.e. shots - are blocked. This protects your hearing from injury or hearing loss. Nevertheless, hunting and shooting can be practised without any restrictions on perception.

Although Surefire's products are primarily designed for government and military use, their remarkable luminosity and quality make them a very reliable companion for hunting and recreation. The quality is reflected in the price, but even at the lowest price level the performance of the Surefire lamps is remarkable. In addition, the products convince with extremely high robustness and durability, so you can really enjoy many years of a reliable product.