Swarovski CL Pocket Mountain 10x25 B

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Swarovski CL Pocket Mountain 10x25 B - The new pocket binocular for spontaneous observations... mehr
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Swarovski CL Pocket Mountain 10x25 B - The new pocket binocular for spontaneous observations

The CL Pocket Mountain is a foldable compact binocular that impresses with its optical brilliance. The small binoculars offer very high visual comfort and the individually adjustable rotating eyecups allow spectacle wearers to use the entire field of vision. The design fully corresponds to the "Mountain" series. An example is the colour scheme, but also the strap of the binoculars is in a sporty climbing rope look.

The CL Pocket's range of application is as varied as the user's wishes: on trips, in the mountains, always with him, in his backpack or glove compartment, for observation or as a second pair of binoculars on the hunt.


  • High image quality and transmission for bright, high-contrast images
  • Slim and compact design
  • Ergonomic and easy to grip design
  • Easy to use focusing wheel
  • Individually adjustable rotating eyecups made of allergy-tested material
  • Dirt and dust proof
  • Waterproof to 4 m water depth
  • Free of fogging due to nitrogen filling
  • Colour: Anthracite

Scope of delivery:

  • Function bag
  • shoulder strap
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Eigenschaften für Swarovski CL Pocket Mountain 10x25 B
Vergrößerung: 10
Wirksamer Objektivdurchmesser [mm]: 25
Austrittspupille [mm]: 2,5
Austrittspupillenabstand (Augenabstand) [mm]: 17
Sehfeld (m/1000m) [m]: 98
Sehfled [°]: 5,6
Sehfeld für Brillenträger [°]: 5,6
augenseitiges Sehfeld [°]: 53
kürzeste Einstellentfernung [m]: 2,5
Dioptrieausgleich [dpt]: ± 5
Dioptriekorrektur bei Unendlich [dpt]: 8
Lichttransmission [%]: 88
Pupillendistanz [mm]: 50-74
Länge [mm]: 110
Breite [mm]: 98
Höhe [mm]: 46
Gewicht [g]: 350
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