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Swarovski SLC 10x42: The all-rounder for observing fine details With the SLC models,... mehr
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Swarovski SLC 10x42: The all-rounder for observing fine details

With the SLC models, Swarovski Optik has completely revised the popular binoculars and set new standards:

The new SLC models feature a particularly large field of view and high edge sharpness. The use of flouride-containing lenses not only produced a high-contrast and lifelike image, but also improved light transmission, among other things.

The SLC 10x42 is a compact all-rounder for birdwatching, mountain hunting or for recognizing fine details until dusk.



  • flouride-containing lenses (HD optics) for lifelike and high-contrast images
  • extra large field of view
  • high edge sharpness
  • SWAROCLEAN non-stick effect to facilitate lens cleaning (even with tree resin)
  • integrated diopter compensation in the focusing wheel
  • detachable rotating eyecups adjustable to 3 (SLC 42) or 4 (SLC 56) individual positions
  • robust magnesium housing
  • Reliable focusing mechanism for fast and precise focusing
  • Internal focusing, nitrogen filling
  • dirt-, dust- and waterproof up to 4m
  • Connecting thread for tripod, rubber armoring with good grip, ergonomic recessed grips


Scope of delivery:

  • Function bag
  • eyepiece cover
  • lens cover
  • Comfort carrying strap (SLC56) or Lift carrying strap (SLC 42)


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Eigenschaften für Swarovski SLC 10x42
Vergrößerung: 10x
Wirksamer Objektivdurchmesser [mm]: 42
Austrittspupille [mm]: 4,2
Austrittspupillenabstand (Augenabstand) [mm]: 16
Sehfeld (m/1000m) [m]: 110
Sehfled [°]: 6,3
Sehfeld für Brillenträger [°]: 6,3
augenseitiges Sehfeld [°]: 61
kürzeste Einstellentfernung [m]: 3,2
Dioptrieausgleich [dpt]: ± 4
Dioptriekorrektur bei Unendlich [dpt]: 4
Lichttransmission [%]: 91
Pupillendistanz [mm]: 56-74
Länge [mm]: 144
Breite [mm]: 120
Höhe [mm]: 63
Gewicht [g]: 765
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