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Titanium Gunworks 5-Shot Open Belt Top - Desert Sand
Titanium Gunworks 5-Shot Open Belt Top - Desert...
Titanium Gunworks 5-Shot Open Belt Top - Desert Sand - custom leather cartridge cases - for big game hunting, driven hunt or safari.
€75.00 *
Titanium Gunworks 5-Shot Open Belt Top
Titanium Gunworks 5-Shot Open Belt Top
Titanium Gunworks 5-Shot Open Belt Top - custom leather cartridge cases - for big game hunting, driven hunt or safari.
€75.00 *
Leuchtkorn Rot Blaser R93
Fibre Insert for Blaser R93 Rifles (red-orange)...
With the red fibre insert you can easily upgrade your Blaser R93 and equip it with a luminous front sight.
Content 1 Stück
€9.99 *
Titanium Gunworks Tasse "Steinzeitjäger"
Titanium Gunworks Coffee Mug "Stoneage Hunter"
The coffee mug for the passionate hunter
Content 1 Stück
€9.75 *
Titanium Gunworks Multiwaffenfähige Montage
Multiwaffenfähige Titanium-Montage (Montagebrücke)
Multiwaffenfähige Zielfernrohr-Montage aus Titan: Hochwertig, elegantes Design und zuverlässig im jagdlichen Einsatz auf Ihrer Jagdwaffe.
From €359.00 *
Multiwaffenfähige Titanium-Montage (Basen Waffenseitig)
Multiwaffenfähige Titanium-Montage (Basen...
Die waffenseitigen Basen der multiwaffenfähigen Zielfernrohrmontage aus Titan für klassische Repetierbüchsen.
Content 1
From €230.00 *
LED-Leuchtkorn Chamäleon
Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Chamäleon
The LED illuminated front sight is the perfect add-on for your hunting rifle. Perfect for hunting driven game.
Content 1 Stück
€135.00 *
Leuchtkorn für Blaser R93
Fibre Insert for Blaser R93 Rifles (yellow-green)
With this fibre insert You could upgrade the front sight of Your Blaser R93 rifle for better aiming for a cheap price
Content 1 Stück
€12.99 *
Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Firefly
Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Firefly
The LED illuminated front sight is the perfect add-on for your hunting rifle. Perfect for hunting driven game.
Content 1 Stück
€99.00 *
LED-Leuchtkorn zur Jagd auf Schwarzwild
Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Classic
Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Classic - This LED-Sight allows for shooting accurately under the most adverse light conditions with a simple turn of a a button
Content 1 Stück
€59.00 *
LED-Leuchtkorn Classic 1st generation
LED-Sight 1st Generation Classic
The low-cost illuminated sight for retrofitting your hunting rifle - incl. LED illumination of the sight for easy aiming your target.
Content 1 Stück
€27.95 *
Titanium Gunworks Aufkleber "Steinzeitjäger"
Titanium Gunworks Sticker "Stone Age Hunter"
Titanium Gunworks "Stone Age Hunter" - our smart logo as sticker and statement on the car for every passionate hunter.
Content 1 Stück
€3.00 *
LED-Leuchtkorn Day Nightfire
Titanium Gunworks LED-Sight Day&Nightfire
LED-Sight Day & Nightfire the LED illuminated front sight for your hunting rifle - gives you extra performance on open sight. Great improvement!
Content 1 Stück
€79.00 *
LED-Leuchtkorn Day Nightfire 1 st generation
LED-Sight 1st gen Day&Nightfire
The cheapest edition of the innovative LED-Sight - for upgrading your hunting rifle easily.
Content 1 Stück
€27.95 *
Adapter für verschiedene Jagdwaffen
Adaptors for LED-Sight
With those small adaptors You could easily assemble our innovative LED-Sight to a broad range of gun manufacturers´s rifles.
Content 1 Stück
€1.50 *

Products from Titanium Gunworks

Titanium Gunworks

Titanium Gunworks

Titanium Gunworks was founded in 2005 by Klaus-Dieter Jungermann, a mechanical engineer. The motivation was in the equipment, which he himself used as a hunter for many years: "Life is too short to fight with bad equipment - the best is just good enough! The goal to develop and manufacture new products for hunting finally resulted in the multi weapon capable rifle scope mount and the LED-Sight, which Titanium Gunworks launched in 2006 and which is already available today in the 3rd version.


High-quality in-house productions for hunting

Personal experience taught the company founder: "The right material is crucial for hunting as well as hiking and other outdoor activities." Jungermann always strived to find the best rifle scope, the best rucksack, the best jacket for his particular project. Until in 2005 he simply decided to manufacture hunting equipment according to his own ideas and with high-quality materials.


Titanium Gunworks' LED-Sight is an ideal addition to the existing range in this area and offers an improvement for hunters who hunt with the open sights and is a real alternative to red dot´s - both technically and in terms of price. The LED-Sight, currently available in Chameleon and Firefly versions, can be used both with and without the LED switched on. In the passive state, both versions work like a conventional fibre sight. The Chameleon with a green-yellowish light, the Firefly with a reddish light. Titanium Gunworks has adjusted the luminosity so that the front sights can also be used excellently in daylight. This extends the application spectrum of the grains in comparison to the conventional variant. 

By switching on the LED, the illuminated sight can also be used as an open sight in poor lighting conditions such as in tree shade, at dusk or in rain. While the Firefly continues to glow red, the Chameleon changes colour from green to red - hence the name. The decisive advantage is that the LED-Sight is always on the weapon and can be used as a supplement to the rifle scope. This does not usually apply to the classic red dot sight. Mounted on a stud bolt, the LED-Sight can be mounted on a variety of weapons. It is ideal for driven hunts and searches.


Multi-weapon rifle scope mount

The multi weapon rifle scope mounts were once the eponym for the company from Dieburg, because they are made of titanium - one of the highest quality and noblest materials that can be found today. Titanium Gunworks is the first German manufacturer to use titanium for rifle scope mounts and the inventor of the multi weapon rifle scope mount. Several utility model applications and registered designs bear witness to this. The mounts are milled from the solid base material. The reason: By dispensing with inlays made of plastic or similar materials, the best possible result is achieved, even though this method is not always the most cost-effective. But this has never been the goal, because Titanium Gunworks is always looking for the best equipment for hunting. A plasma coating ensures maximum "blackness", so that no reflections on the rifle scope mount can interfere. 

The multi weapon capable rifle scope mount has been on the market since 2005 and allows hunters to change rifle optics and weapon at will. Thanks to the high-quality mounting bridge, there is no need to shoot again. This opens up numerous application possibilities for rifle scope and weapon. If you wish, you can also use only one rifle scope for different rifles with the Titanium Gunworks rifle scope mount and of course you will have an absolutely exclusive and elegant rifle scope mount. In addition to the titanium version, Titanium Gunworks also offers a multi weapon rifle scope mount made of steel or aviation aluminum.

Best Products for Titanium Gunworks Customers

What is important to the experienced Hunter and company founder for his own productions is also true for the other products that Titanium Gunworks sells through its own online shop. At you will find a selection of well-known brands and high-quality products, which differ in function, material and price - but for the price segment and the intended use they always represent one of the best solutions the market has to offer. The portfolio includes manufacturers such as Swarovski Optik and Leica in the field of optics, Arcteryx and Icebreaker for clothing, but also comparatively smaller manufacturers such as Gränsfors Bruk, Reineke and Chris Reeve Knives, as well as manufacturers from outside the industry such as Lupine & Black Diamond, who manufacture first-class equipment for hunting.


Titanium Gunworks attaches great importance to individual advice, because in the end the customer should receive the best possible product for him, so that success and pleasure in hunting or other outdoor activities prevail.