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Africase 5-Cartridge Wallet
Africase 5 Cartridge Wallet
Africase 5 Cartridge Wallet - an exclusive cartridge wallet made of the best saddle leather, made to measure for the respective calibre with a touch of nostalgia.
Content 1 Stück
From €109.00 *
Africase Load Strip Wallet
Africase Load Strip Wallet
The Load Strip Wallet from Africase is a handmade cartridge case for handguns and is made of high quality saddle leather.
Content 1 Stück
€69.00 *
Africase Barrel Case
Africase Barrel Case
Simple canvas sheath for an interchangeable barrel without optics
Content 1 Stück
€52.00 *

Products from Africase


Africase - exclusive hunting equipment from the USA

Africase products are 100% designed for quality and design. Solid workmanship also ensures that you hold an exclusive product - whether a cartridge case or carrier bag - in your hand.

High-quality hunting equipment in the exclusive safari design "Made in USA


Africase - best saddler work from the USA

Africase is a company name from Salt Lake City, by Aleko Jensen. It is known for its high quality products such as cartridge cases, rifle cases and carrier bags. Especially first-class and classic materials like cowhide leather and canvas as well as a careful processing by hand distinguish the high quality of the Africase products. The products - especially the cartridge wallets - are manufactured especially for the cartridge type. This guarantees absolutely silent carrying of the ammunition. The Africase cartridge wallets are also opened silently. Even the heaviest big game cartridges can be carried reliably and safely in the cartridge wallet thanks to the thick cowhide leather. Thanks to belt and rifle loops, they are always on the hunter. This means that the ammunition can be reloaded quickly if necessary.


Whether leather or canvas, whether cartridge wallet, case, carrier bag or belt: Africase manufactures the products in the classic safari style, which makes an impression not only when hunting in Africa. Many hunters also appreciate the exclusive design and the valuable appearance in their home hunting grounds.