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Mystery Ranch Pintler
Mystery Ranch Pintler
From €350.00 * €480.00 *
Mystery Ranch Game Bag
Mystery Ranch Game Bag
From €45.00 *
Mystery Ranch Web Keepers
Mystery Ranch Web Keepers
€12.00 *
Mystery Ranch Blitz 35
Mystery Ranch Blitz 35
€340.00 *
Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault Pack - Coyote
Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault Pack
€230.00 *
Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24 Forest
Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24
€160.00 *
Swarovski Rucksack BP 24
Swarovski Backpack BP 24
Content 1 Stück
€170.10 *
Swarovski Rucksack BP 30
Swarovski Backpack BP 30
Content 1 Stück
€220.50 *

Functional backpacks - practical for hunting, outdoor and tactical operations

There's no question about it: a backpack is an important and useful companion when you head out into nature - no matter what the mission. Its main purpose is to safely store your outdoor and hunting equipment, but at the same time to have it quickly at hand. With a hunting backpack that is tailored to your needs, you can transport your equipment, hunting weapon or provisions comfortably and reliably.
The only question is: Which backpack is the right one for hunting?

Hunting backpacks are highly functional companions for hunting!

Whether Ansitz, mountain hunting or extensive hunting tours through rough terrain: Of course, there are different hunting missions, which also place different demands on the hunting equipment. However, when it comes to hunting backpacks, one thing is most important: functionality. If you are transporting equipment, hunting weapons, game or provisions, the hunting backpack must be adaptable without exception. Highly functional backpacks can be adjusted individually not only at the shoulder straps or offer different pockets for hunting knives, cartridges, papers and more. A reliable hunting backpack offers many ways to customize it to your needs - for example, with MOLLE attachments for attaching equipment.
We carry models from manufacturers whose highly functional, durable backpacks are used worldwide in professional, sometimes tactical, applications. And our backpacks for hunters and foresters are in no way inferior to these cleverly designed models.

Our backpack range for your hunting use

  • Handy backpacks with a small capacity for raised hide hunting or mountain hunting, when you only want to carry your weather protection clothing and light equipment. Lightweight packs allow you to fully concentrate on the ascent or descent and everything in between.
  • Medium sized backpacks are especially suitable for hunting trips in remote areas or extended day trips into the mountains, when you want to equip and feed yourself with everything you need for successful hunting. Ornithologists with a lot of luggage also welcome a backpack with sufficient volume.
  • For multi-day trips and wilderness hunts, you'll want a high-capacity backpack. Our expedition backpacks are just right for stowing all the essentials and carrying gear safely while withstanding the harsh conditions of the wilderness.

Important features of a hunting backpack:

  • A functional backpack needs a functional material that is tough and durable on the one hand, but as light and impervious as possible on the other. An example would be Cordura, which is suitable for use in harsh conditions.
  • Ideally, the backpack has a maximum adaptable carrying system, so you can adjust it to changing requirements. Many backpacks offer adjustments to the shoulder straps, the carrying system (back length), and MOLLE attachments for securing hunting gear. If you plan to go on multi-day trips or carry heavy gear, look for a highly adaptable carrying system and well-padded straps and webbing.
  • Models with a high capacity offer plenty of storage space, for example, to transport game to the car or hunting lodge. Smaller backpacks are compact and ideal for carrying smaller gear, weather protection clothing for the mountains, or as a supplement to the gear you carry on your person anyway.
  • Choose features that fit your needs and hunting use - for example, quick access through side entry, plenty of pockets for various accessories or a lightweight model to move well during active hunting, hiking or climbing.
  • Especially when it comes to good camouflage, the design also plays an important role. Backpacks with camouflage patterns are especially suitable for ornithology and bow hunting, but are also increasingly worn in other hunting and nature operations. is your hunting outfitter

One backpack for all hunting situations? That will be difficult to find, because different hunting uses require different functions. But we will be happy to help you find the optimal companion for your specific hunting use. Please feel free to contact us. Our hunting experts are at your disposal.