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Swarovski tMA Klemmadapter für tM 35
Swarovski tMA thermal monocular adapter
€204.30 *
Swarovski RB tM 35 Akku
Swarovski RB tM 35 Battery
€69.00 *
Swarovski tM35 Wärmebildgerät
Swarovski tM 35 Thermal Image
€2,565.00 *

Thermal imager as a complete hunting solution for demanding hunters

Once you have turned night into day with a thermal imaging device, you will not want to miss the benefits for woods and meadows so quickly. In our store you will find thermal imaging devices that you can use as a complete hunting solution and thus dive into a new era of modern, sophisticated hunting.

Thermal imager and attachment combined: A solution for hunting!

If you want to benefit from thermal imaging technology not only for wildlife observation, but also for hunting, it is best to opt for a complete solution. This combines a thermal imaging device with an attachment. With the help of a clamping adapter, the hunting complete solution can be mounted in front of the target optics. This makes your daylight optics suitable for night vision and allows you to experience the forest at dusk or at night from a whole new perspective.

Mount thermal imager as repeatable complete solution

An important issue with thermal imagers is repeatability. In order to be able to target accurately, the thermal imaging technology must be mounted correctly and with repeat accuracy on the target optics or hunting rifle. Using the appropriate clamping adapter - in the case of the tM35 thermal imager, this is the tMA clamping adapter - the thermal imager can be mounted as an attachment with repeatable accuracy and without shifting the point of impact.

Thermal imager and attachment with simple operation

Another aspect that should be considered when selecting the appropriate complete solution is operation. The thermal imaging and attachment device should be as simple and intuitive to operate as possible. Few buttons, logically arranged. Some models have automatic functions such as a sensor that registers the position of the device and automatically turns the display on or off. This way, you don't have to set the idle or active mode manually. This reduces the movements and noises during hunting, at the same time it saves the battery and improves the runtime of the device.

Buy high quality hunting equipment online

Do you have questions about choosing the right thermal imaging device as a complete solution? Would you like to know if it is the right model for your target optics? We will be happy to assist you. Contact us at 06071-922765 or by e-mail and let us advise you personally!