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Arcteryx Proton Pant Men's Black Arcteryx Proton Pant Men's
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Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody Men´s - Dracaena
Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody Men´s - Dracaena
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Arcteryx Proton Pant Men's Black
Arcteryx Proton Pant Men's
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€114.75 * €170.00 *

Ultralight insulation with synthetic fibre - outdoor & hunting clothing

Traditional hunting clothing has its very special charm and is still worn today by hunters in the hide, on stalking or driving hunts. Due to the materials used, however, it reaches its limits - sometimes quickly - so that hunters and outdoor enthusiasts increasingly resort to functional clothing that offers the best insulation despite its low weight.

Choice of material: Synthetic fibre for outdoor use

When choosing a jacket, trousers or waistcoat for hunting or other outdoor activities, one chooses in particular the materials. Synthetic fibres such as polyester or fleece are ideal for use in nature because they do not absorb moisture - such as cotton, which absorbs moisture and sweat. As a result, synthetic fibres quickly transport moisture away from the body and dry within a very short time. The clothing therefore remains dry just as the body does after sweat-inducing activities. In this context, synthetic fibre offers a pleasant wearing comfort, is more skin-friendly and easier to care for than wool.

Synthetic fibre also has the advantage that clothing for hunting, mountaineering and the like can be worked very light in weight - without losing its warmth. Ultralight insulation, such as Coreloft or Thermatek, are therefore indispensable, depending on the application. Neither huntsmen nor mountaineers or sportsmen want to wear heavy clothing in addition to hunting or sports equipment - especially not on longer tours! Ultralight jackets and trousers made of synthetic fibre can be stowed in the backpack to save space and do not have to dry long before the next departure. And although the outdoor and hunting clothing is ultra-light, it warms and is extremely robust.

Jacket, Hoody and Co. for hunting, mountaineering and trekking!

Whether hunting clothing or clothing for mountaineering activities: For outdoor clothing such as winter jackets, hoodies and trousers, functionality, durability, insulation and moisture transport always apply. For hunting clothing in particular, it should also be almost to completely noiseless so that game is not frightened. The ultra-light, insulating products in our shop meet these requirements and are sometimes quieter than crumpling a paper handkerchief. A little tip: fleece pullovers and jackets are absolutely silent! 

Winterjacket, Hoody and Co., as we offer them from Arcteryx with Coreloft, Primaloft, Atom AR or Thermatek insulation, can of course be used for all kinds of outdoor activities - for hiking, trekking, skiing and more! We would be pleased to advise you by phone - under +49-6071-922765 - in detail about ultra-light insulation with synthetic fibre and our products!