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HMS Aimpoint Micro - Steyr Schwenkmontage
HMS Pivot Mount for Steyr-Mannlicher - Aimpoint...
Content 1 Stück
€189.00 *
Henneberger Montage für Docter-Sight
HMS Pivot Mount for Steyr-Mannlicher - Docter...
Content 1 Stück
€149.00 *

Scope Mounts for Steyr Mannlicher rifles

Hunting weapons from the Austrian manufacturer Steyr-Mannlicher are considered to be extremely precise, reliable and safe. In order for these characteristics to be maintained in conjunction with a rifle scope, the connecting piece - the scope mount - must fit perfectly. Our product range offers suitable solutions especially for Steyr-Mannlicher hunting rifles.


Riflescope mounts - high-quality and reliable

As with any other hunting rifle, the same applies to the Steyr-Mannlicher: an optimal fit of the rifle scope mount is crucial in order to achieve consistent accuracy. High-quality materials and tight manufacturing tolerances guarantee a reliable rifle scope assembly, which you receive for the Steyr-Mannlicher hunting rifles from the manufacturer Henneberger, among others. The Henneberger rifle scope mounts are milled from a high quality aluminium alloy. This makes them extremely robust and usable even under extreme weather conditions. Depending on the type of rifle scope - such as Aimpoint Micro or Doctor Sight - the design is adapted to the rifle scope mounting so that an optimum fit can be guaranteed.


The right scope mount for every purpose

If you are looking for a specific pivot mount for your Steyr-Mannlicher hunting rifle, you will also find it here. The pivot mount is one of the most popular ways of securely connecting the scope with the hunting rifle. It is extremely easy to handle and can be attached to the hunting rifle in a few simple steps. Other Steyr-Mannlicher hunting rifles are already equipped with a Picatinny rail for rifle scope mounting - and with us you will find the suitable "counterpart" to mount an Aimpoint Micro or a Doctor Sight on the hunting rifle as a single or double optic. The mounts fit for the original Steyr-Mannlicher pivot mount.


Better advised with Titanium Gunworks

As an experienced specialist dealer, we not only offer you comprehensive advice on our products and the manufacturers. As practicing hunters, we can tell you real experiences about the individual offers and thus give you absolutely authentic advice. We ourselves know only too well what demands a hunter has on his equipment and accessories. Thanks to our experience, we can help you make the right choice and make your decision easier. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our rifle scope mounts or other products - or simply wish an individual consultation. You can reach us by phone at +49-6071-922765 or conveniently by e-mail. We will do our best to answer your questions quickly and comprehensively, so that you will soon be able to concentrate fully on hunting again - with the right equipment!