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Kahles Helia TI35+
Kahles Helia TI35+
€2,950.00 *
Kahles Helia TI18+
Kahles Helia TI18+
€2,950.00 *
Kahles Helia TI25 Wärmebildgerät
Kahles Helia TI25 Thermal Image
€1,800.00 * €2,000.00 *
Swarovski tM35 Wärmebildgerät
Swarovski tM 35 Thermal Image
€4,320.00 *
Kahles Helia TI35 Wärmebildgerät
Kahles Helia TI35 Thermal Image
€2,250.00 *

Thermal imaging devices as observation devices for the "more" in hunting

Not only observe animals and nature during the day, but also explore forests and meadows at night? Addressing passing game quickly and safely? This is possible with the help of thermal imaging devices as observation devices. This way you remain undetected, but have an overview of your surroundings yourself.

Thermal imaging devices offer many advantages for hunting observation

Meanwhile, thermal imagers are widely and popularly used in hunting, as they enable more versatile observation between forest and meadow. Thanks to thermo-optical technology that captures infrared radiation from the environment and makes it visible to the human eye, you can always keep track of what's happening even at dusk or in complete darkness. A deer in a stand, the back of an animal in tall wheat: a thermal imager makes visible what you might not have spotted with the naked eye or simple night vision equipment. The thermal imager registers even the smallest temperature differences - completely independent of ambient light or weather conditions. This results in a decisive advantage over conventional night vision devices: They detect everything without being able to be detected by emitting light themselves.

Thermal imaging devices show their advantages especially when observing and targeting game. Heat sources can be located quickly and specifically, which can mean valuable seconds for preparing and firing a safe shot. But a thermo-optical observation device can also help to quickly locate the hunted game during nighttime tracking.

Thermal imaging devices from renowned manufacturers

Thermal imaging devices have undergone significant technical and optical development in recent years, so that the models provide reliable images and support the observer in his endeavor.

In our store you will find thermal imagers for observation from the following manufacturers, among others:

  • tM35 from Swarovski Optik
  • E6 Pro V2 from XEye
  • Helia TI25 and TI35 from Kahles

The models offer various functions, including switching between several color modes (white, black, red), or have intelligent automatic on and off functions, which not only make constant operation of the thermal imager unnecessary, but also extend the battery life thanks to energy-efficient use.

We would be happy to advise you personally should you need help in selecting the right thermal imaging device for your observation purposes.