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Multiwaffenfähige Titanium-Montage (Basen Waffenseitig)
Multiwaffenfähige Titanium-Montage (Basen...
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Titanium Gunworks Aufkleber "Steinzeitjäger"
Titanium Gunworks Sticker "Stone Age Hunter"
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Multi-Weapon Scope Mount - Exclusive Scope Mount milled from Titanium

A constant, good point of impact is crucial for a successful shot on the hunt. For this, the correct and high quality scope mount is absolutely necessary, because it holds the rifle scope reliably and recoil-proof on the hunting rifle. As a manufacturer Titanium Gunworks offers its own selection of high-quality scope mounts made from the noblest material in engineering - Titanium - which stand out with various advantages.


Extremely robust rifle scope mounts made of titanium

When mounting a rifle scope, quality is of the utmost importance - and that also means that it is perfectly matched to the hunting rifle and riflescope. Otherwise an optimal hold cannot be guaranteed. Titanium Gunworks offers scope mounts for various bolt action rifles - such as Sauer 202, Remington 700, Winchester 70, Sako, Tikka T3, Browning BAR, and many more. The Titanium scope mounts are characterized, as the name suggests, by the unique material titanium. The titanium montages are also milled from solid material - even the small teeth of the Swarovski SR Rail. This guarantees maximum strength with minimum weight. Titanium Gunworks is thus the only manufacturer worldwide to use titanium for the fabrication of scope mounts. Only the adjusting screws are made of V2A or steel. The Titanium mounts convince as extremely stable and nevertheless lightweight scope mounts. A high-quality plasma coating ensures maximum "blackness", so that no light can be reflected on the scope mount and gives an exclusive finish.


The scope mount proves to be extremely noble and absolutely uncompromising. Even though the choice of another material would have been cheaper or easier to process, with titanium as the basic material you get a technically optimal scope mount - completely free of inexpensive plastic elements.


Multi-weapon scope mount offers maximum freedom

With the Titanium mount, users can choose whether to use it as a classic scope mount or as a multi weapon rifle scope mount. The innovative rifle scope mount makes it possible to use one rifle scope on several weapons - without the need for re-adjusting of the scope in between switches. This is possible thanks to adjustable heights and sides at the mounting base on the weapon. This not only offers maximum freedom in the choice of weapon and target optics. At the same time you can save money, because in the best case you can use one scope for all hunting rifles.


Titanium Gunworks - Your Specialist for Hunting & Hunting Accessories

The Titanium mount is truly an exclusive scope mount that no other manufacturer offers. In addition to the multi weapon rifle scope mounts made of titanium, we also offer mounts made of classic materials. For this you have the choice between the variant Featherweight from aviation aluminum or Classic from steel. Have a look at the products in detail or ask your questions about our Titanium assemblies directly to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail!