Niggeloh Backpack Rifle Sling
Niggeloh - Backpack Rifle Sling For all hunters like mountain hunters, search leaders and those who want to move hands and arms without restrictions while hunting.   The buckles on both sides in the middle of the belt allow the lightning fast grip to the weapon. Only 210 grams light Optionally available: "Mini Backpack" . This makes it possible to carry a weapon and a backpack on your back at the same time

Niggeloh Rifle Belt "Action" with buckle
Niggeloh Rifle Belt "Action" with buckle - The rifle belt for dog handlers, rifle shooters and the mountain hunt Each belt can carry a weapon - the rifle belt "Action" can do more: The "Action" belt allows the weapon to be tightened to the body, so that even on "all fours" it does not slip from the back - when searching, for "walking through", in the mountains or on the stalk it can be released in a flash and brought into "Action". Can be operated with one hand The belt is made of robust material which even withstands thorns (neoprene, cordura, leather). Offers great wearing comfort thanks to neoprene Short pull function for pulpit and gun cabinet The adjustment range is from 78 to 155 cm. The FAW08 cleaning cloth for gun cleaning is located in the pocket integrated in the belt.  

From €93.50*
Niggeloh Rifle Sling "Automatic"
Niggeloh - Rifle Sling "Automatic" Many hunters are annoyed when even the best rifle sling dangers uncontrolled from the weapon. Even if you don't wear it straight, for example on the high seat or the treestand, in the gun cabinet or when shooting, especially with the shotgun. The AUTOMATIC does not have to be tightened, because it does this all by itself, whenever the weapon is not carried. Furthermore, it offers special comfort, which makes the Niggeloh rifle belts so popular. A belt, which has it in itself! The length is 68 - 105 cm.  

From €93.00*
Niggeloh Rifle Sling "Titan 2"
Niggeloh rifle sling "Titan 2" - The ideal rifle belt for searches and tightened conditions For all those for whom "very good" is not yet enough...... Especially for search leaders in use under tougher conditions Extremely wide neoprene blanks with robust "thorn-resistant" Cordura® for best wearing comfort. Abrasion-resistant edging tape, proven in military use Metal sliding buckles for length adjustment The wide plug-in fasteners ensure convenient and quick operation - even with gloves on Weight of only 280 grams Optionally available: "Mini backpack" allows you to carry your weapon and backpack on your back at the same time  

From €87.90*
Recknagel Era Tac Kugeldruck-Riemenbügel, schwere Ausführung
Recknagel Era Tac Kugeldruck-Riemenbügel, schwere Ausführung Der Kugeldruck-Riemenbügel ist aus rostfreiem Stahl gefertigt und wurde schwarz beschichtet. Der Bügel ist in zwei Versionen erhältlich, die sich lediglich durch ihre Aufnahmegröße unterscheiden.  Details: Wahlweise für 1“ (25 mm)  oder 1,25“ (32 mm) breite Riemen

Recknagel Swivels
Removable sling swivels for your hunting rifle These high-quality sling swivels from Recknagel are exactly the right thing for your weapon. The quick-release fastener allows you to remove the rifle sling from your rifle in fractions of a second, but the safety feature (thread) ensures that your rifle does not "release" and fall down due to lateral pull on the rifle sling. The indicated price is the price per pair   To the sizes: The US eyelet is suitable for belts with a width of up to approx. 25 mm. The Euro-eye is suitable for belts with a width up to approx. 21 mm (-> Reineke rifle belts). On the weapon side, this gives for a 6mm or 8mm screw head (width)  

From €78.00*
Reineke Backpack Rifle Sling
The multifunctional backpack rifle sling - for hunting in rough terrain The unique Reineke Backpack Rifle Sling can be used like a normal rifle sling, but can also be used as a backpack rifle sling. The innovative thing about the Reineke rucksack sling is that it can be pulled short with one hand, so that it does not disturb You while stalking or waiting on the high seat. It can also be used as a rifle rest. Used as a backpack rifle strap it ensures a safe and comfortable transport of the hunting rifle on the back - so the rifle can also be carried safely in rough terrain without sliping off the shoulder. The inside of the Reineke strap is lined with nubuck leather to prevent the gun from slipping . On the outside it is made of sturdy saddle leather, wood or brass eyelets. High quality German saddle work and Swiss design!

Reineke Driven Hunt Holder
With this "holder" the arms are relieved on the next driven hunt: With the help of the driven hunt holder you can comfortably "park" your weapon to relieve your arms - and still you have the weapon immediately ready for use when the game is changing. Details: The spring steel bar is rubber-lined to prevent your weapon from getting scratched. The belt is adjustable in length. (neither the pictured weapon nor the cartridge case are part of the sold item - they only serve for a better understanding of the use of the driven hunter)  

Reineke Gun Sling
Reineke Gun Sling - innovative and classic leather gun sling The Reineke gun sling offers You a high quality gun sling, made from leather in a classic design. But it has more then to carry Your rifle while hunting: Within a few seconds, You could easily retract the sling - and nothing will disturb You while stalking with the rifle in Your hands or while sitting on the high seat while waiting for the prey. The sling is padded on the inside from spalted leather to prevent sliping, while it is classic cowhide leather on the outside. All parts are made from brass, leather or wood and show a good craftmanship.  Watch our small product video on YouTube: For guns with a swivel stud, You need swivels in addition. We recommend to use the Recknagel swivels in the "Euro" size.


Wearing comfort, relief for shoulders and back, safety, freedom of movement: all this must be offered by a high-quality rifle strap during hunting, because only in this way can it improve the experience in the forest, hide or stalk as an accessory for the hunting weapon. If a sling constantly slides back and forth on the shoulder or is uncomfortable, if you are quickly annoyed when out in nature or it can end dangerously with the fall of the expensive weapon, sometimes you get pain on the shoulder, back and neck. In our assortment you will find tried and tested rifle straps, which provide you with the necessary relief when hunting - during transport as well as when quickly using the hunting rifle!

Rifle slings - high variety meets different requirements

Rifle slings can be roughly differentiated according to the processed material. Leather slings and neoprene rifle straps are widely used and proven in practice. In addition, some brands also offer combinations of leather and neoprene. You will find the various variants from well-known manufacturers and top brands such as Niggeloh, Africase and Reineke.

Leather slings

A leather rifle belt has the decisive advantage that the material is tough, durable and yet supple. The "natural" behaviour of the leather as well as the high wearing comfort prove to be extremely pleasant in nature. First and foremost, however, it cannot be ignored that the leather slings inspires with its very high-quality, noble appearance. The classic look is stylish with high-quality hunting weapons and sets exclusive accents in hunting equipment and clothing.

Neoprene rifle sling

Neoprene rifle sslings are less sensitive to weather influences than leather sslings. At the same time they are somewhat lighter and more comfortable due to the soft neoprene fabric. The material also proves its resistance to strong UV radiation. Due to the lamination with textile fabric, the surface is less susceptible to damage. In addition, a neoprene rifle strap is very comfortable to wear. A practical companion for different hunting situations.

The "extras" of modern rifle slings

Regardless of the material, a rifle sling should be as firmly adjustable as possible so that it neither "jumps" when walking lightly nor hangs uncontrollably from the rifle when you go into the stop. Some manufacturers offer innovative solutions in this respect, such as Niggeloh's Automatic Rifle Belt, which automatically pulls tight, or Reineke's Rifle Sling, which can be pulled very "short". A rubber coating on the back also prevents the rifle belt from slipping back and forth to such an extent. Integrated cartridge compartments also offer a high level of comfort for quick reloading.

A little less innovation, but by no means less comfort, are offered by rifle straps with infinitely variable fasteners for a secure hold. This allows the rifle belt to be adjusted a little looser - perfect as a driven hunt belt. A plug-in buckle is ideal if the hunting rifle is to be released quickly from the belt on the seat or shooting range. Weapons without a fixed sling bar are best equipped with a shotgun strap, which can be attached and detached from the barrel and rear stock in a few easy steps.

Whether toggle strap or rucksack rifle sling: We will be happy to advise you in an individual conversation about the various options to equip your hunting rifle with a rifle sling. You can reach us at +496071-922765 - just give us a call!