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Seven Oaks Kanzelheizung
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Heaters for hunting off the Treestand in Winter

On long nights or winter hunting, cold is one of the worst enemies of the hunter. Cold doesn't just make you restless - you want to move so that it gets warmer. It also stiffens the limbs, which makes it difficult to react quickly to game sighting and marksmanship. Last but not least, sooner or later the joy of winter hide hunting will diminish with sinking temperatures - and this season is especially exciting and often successful. A heating system for the high hide is a clever alternative to keep warm on winter hide nights. The only question is: Which heater to choose for your winter hideaway?

Heating for the high seat: The variants

In the assortment of you find different variants of the high seat heating. Common are pulpit heating as well as radiant heaters or gas heating - and each model has its respective advantages and special features.

Pulpit heating with tea lights

The self-built pulpit heating with tea lights is the simplest variant of the high seat heating and is used by many hunters. The pulpit heater is a metallic box, similar to a small case with carrying handle, in which tea lights are lit. The fire heats up the metal, which in turn gives off heat to the environment. The pulpit heating with tea lights is easy and practical to transport - as long as it is not permanently installed in the high seat. Because also for this there are appropriate pulpit heatings.

Gas heating

Gas heaters produce more heat on the high seat than pulpit heaters with tea lights. However, you need to have some components with you - either a compact gas cartridge (for mobile transport) or a large gas cylinder (preferably remaining on the pulpit with a gas pressure hose). The Seven Oaks gas heater can be operated stationary with a large gas cylinder or with a compact gas cartridge as a mobile heater. It is characterised by a number of special features - including an integrated oxygen deficiency safety device (important for closed rooms) and an electronic ignition system that is noiseless. In addition, the gas heater is odourless and has an anti-tilt device so that the gas and flame close immediately should the gas heater tip over.

Mobile alternatives to keep warm while hunting

In addition to winter clothing and heaters with or without gas, these alternatives can also make the long and cold winter seat more bearable:

  • Heating pads and blankets keep you warm directly on your body, but usually have to be powered by electricity.
  • Heating bandages for the back or neck are equipped with a rechargeable battery so that you are warmed for at least a few hours.
  • Heatable socks or soles for the shoes, pocket heaters for the hands or heated gloves can also be an alternative to pulpit heating. Especially if you don't just want warm hands and feet when hunting in the hide, but also when driving and searching. Have a look here in the category "heated clothing" at is your hunting outfitter

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice on the heating options for the pulpit. We will be happy to help you and help you choose the right hunting equipment so that the winter hunt does not become a torture.