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Arcteryx Rho Merino Wool LS Crew Women's
Arcteryx Rho Merino Wool LS Crew Women's
Content 1 Stück
€108.00 *
Arcteryx Rho AR Zip Neck Women´s
Arcteryx Rho AR Zip Neck Women´s
€97.50 * €130.00 *
Arcteryx Satoro AR Crew LS Archipelago
Arcteryx Satoro AR Crew LS Men's - Archipelago
Content 1 Stück
€87.75 * €130.00 *
Arcteryx Satoro AR Zip Neck LS Men's Black
Arcteryx Satoro AR ZIP Neck LS Men's
Content 1 Stück
€101.25 * €150.00 *
Arcteryx Satoro AR Crew LS Men's - Nautic Grey
Arcteryx Satoro AR Crew LS Men's - Nautic Grey
Content 1 Stück
€91.00 * €130.00 *

Shirts & Pullovers - hunting clothing for all weather conditions

Whether you want to put together a warm, comfortable outdoor outfit with several layers in the onion principle when it's windy, rainy or cold, or choose an airier hunting outfit with shirt and sweater for warmer days: With the variety of you are suitably dressed for every weather situation!

Warming middle class: shirt & sweater complete the basic equipment

No hunter can do without functional clothing. It protects against cold, transports moisture and ensures optimum heat regulation. Among the most ideal materials are synthetic fibres such as fleece and merino wool. The choice of material for the shirt and sweater depends on individual requirements - for example, whether the fabric is kind to the skin or not. In any case, shirts and pullovers should be made of a functional material in order to benefit not only from the positive properties of this layer of clothing, but also if you choose the onion principle and wear several layers of hunting clothing on top of each other.

Choice of materials - which functional clothing is useful?

The hunting clothing has to fulfil different purposes: Protect from wind and cold, repel rain and at the same time transport sweat away from the body. However, it must not be too cold or too warm, should not absorb moisture and dry quickly, should not cause noise or even smell. Merino wool and synthetic fibres have proven their worth in hunting, outdoor and sports activities. For an easier decision, we will explain the two materials in detail below:

Merino wool

Merino wool is increasingly being offered as a functional material - now also at affordable prices. The fine wool of the merino sheep is characterised by its good insulating properties, so that moisture is transported to the outside after physical exertion. The moisture transport of merino wool is somewhat slower than that of synthetic fibres. This means that the body does not cool down so quickly - this can have advantages and disadvantages and everyone should therefore decide for themselves.

  • Merino wool also warms when wet
  • The material dries more slowly
  • Largely odourless

Synthetic fibre

In very cheap execution one has sometimes little joy with garments from synthetic fiber, but in the range of the functional underwear in our shop you find hunting clothes from high-quality polyester or material combinations, which positively affect in different hunting situations. Synthetic fibres quickly transport moisture and sweat away from the body - there is no danger of cooling down. At the same time, functional underwear made of synthetic fibres dries very quickly.

  • Easy to clean and long-lasting, even during high exertions
  • Moisture transport quickly ensures a comfortable wearing experience again
  • Skin-friendly, as synthetic fibre is not scratched

Of course, other materials and material combinations are also good companions for hunting - for example, fleece is suitable for quite cold regions or seasons. The decision for a natural or artificial material is up to the wearer. In any case, the wearer can look forward to a low-noise, warming middle layer, because merino shirt, fleece pullover and the like perfectly complement the rest of the equipment.

Layer by layer with the right hunting clothing!

Tried and tested, functional, robust, versatile: in our online shop you will find shirts and pullovers from proven brands such as Arcteryx and Icebreaker, which have been providing hunters with the right functional clothing for many years. They are ideal for equipping the onion principle with a warming middle layer. We would also be pleased to advise you by telephone on +49-6071-922765 or are available to answer your questions!