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Leica Extender 1,8x Leica Extender 1,8x (for Telescopes)
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Leica Extender 1,8x
Leica Extender 1,8x (for Telescopes)
Content 1 Stück
€328.50 *

Leica spotting scopes - a new experience of the fascination of nature

Only the numerous details and details of nature make the visual experience as special as proven and enthusiastic nature and bird watchers describe it again and again. With Leica spotting scopes you can experience a new kind of image of nature, game and birds. The powerful technology not only delivers outstanding resolution, but also offers the best conditions for digiscoping.


Leica spotting scopes - powerful, uncomplicated & modern

Leica spotting scopes are designed for spectacular detail recognition, superior resolution and bright image display - even for distant objects. As a result, your enthusiasm for the world, and especially for nature and wildlife observation, grows with every second you look through Leica spotting scopes. This is guaranteed by Leica's innovative APO-Televid series. Both models in the series - APO-Televid 65 and APO-Televid 82 - meet the highest demands on a premium class spotting scope. Despite their bright, brilliant optics, solid mechanics and high quality, the spotting scopes are compactly built and are characterized by intuitive, easy handling. Rough weather and observation conditions do not affect the APO-Televid spotting scopes in any way: Thanks to the rubberized magnesium housing, the Leica spotting scopes are extremely robust.


APO-Televid series from Leica - the highlights of high-performance spotting scopes

Both the 65 and 82 versions of Leica's APO Televid offer first-class features that make it a flexible spotting scope that shines in a variety of situations.

Closer to the action: Highest magnification and outstanding field of view over the entire magnification range.
Best nature images: Pin-sharp, crystal-clear, bright images thanks to fluoride lenses and apochromatic system (ensures minimum dispersion, natural colors and minimum color fringes).
Perfectly equipped: With its compact design, the APO-Televid is not only a handy companion on tours, but also extremely user-friendly. Durable housing, high-performance optics, water- and dirt-repellent AquaDura® coating


Which APO Televid for which application? 

Regardless of the model, users of Leica spotting scopes can look forward to first-class optics. The images are displayed with the best color fidelity and the smallest color fringes. The sharpness with maximum contrast impresses in every detail. Thanks to dual focusing, the spotting scope can be focused quickly and precisely - and adapted to different situations.


But which model from the APO-Televid series is the right one? The choice of spotting scope depends on the application and the model. If you are looking for a spotting scope that you can effortlessly carry with you on longer tours, then Leica's APO-Televid 65 is the right choice. It is more compact and lighter than the 82 version, but still delivers detailed images and the best viewing experience. For nature and wildlife observation in difficult lighting conditions, twilight or adverse weather conditions, the APO-Televid 82 is recommended with a large lens diameter through which a lot of light falls. This gives you detailed, bright images even in low ambient light.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like detailed advice on Leica's APO-Televid series. By phone at +49-6071-922765 we offer you a personal consultation on the spotting scopes. In case you don't have the time, but would like some information: Just send us an e-mail using the contact form.