Leica APO Televid 82 Set

Product information "Leica APO Televid 82 Set"

Leica APO Televid 82 Set - Powerful Spotting Scope for Detailed Images

Already the APO Televid 82 W with extremely fast objective and the inner optics with additional front lens glass ensures first-class observation experiences in nature. When set with the 25-50X WW ASPH vario eyepiece, it guarantees incomparable observation quality with outstanding image sharpness and brilliant, lifelike images.

The highlights of the Leica APO Televid 82 set at a glance

Spotting scope details (Leica APO Televid 82 W).

  • 82 mm objective lens diameter
  • Approx. 440 mm objective focal length
  • Approx. 3.8 m close-up range
  • 4 lenses with multi-coating
  • Internal focusing via dual focusing system
  • Waterproof to 5 m water depth
  • quick-change bayonet
  • 328 x 108 x 101 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight approx. 1490 g

Eyepiece details (25x-50x WW ASPH)

  • 25x to 50x magnification
  • 59.5 mm outer diameter
  • Large field of view (41 m / 100 m at 25x; 28 m / 100 m at 50x).
  • Close-up range up to 3.95 m
  • 105 mm total length
  • Weight approx. 435 g
  • Including eyepiece protection cap and bayonet lock

Optional accessories

  • Leica Extender 1.8 for up to 90x magnification

Spotting scope and eyepiece for high-contrast, lifelike images

It is the perfect combination that ensures absolutely contrast-rich, detailed and lifelike images: the 82 mm Televid spotting scope with 45° angular field of view and modern fluoride lenses in conjunction with the wide-angle eyepiece 25-50x WW ASPH. For nature and wildlife observation, the Leica set delivers incomparable image quality. Thanks to the aspherical lenses, images are characterized by superior edge-to-edge sharpness across the entire field of view. The large 82 mm objective diameter allows plenty of light to enter, so images appear particularly bright and natural - across all magnifications. This makes observation and digiscoping an experience even in difficult lighting conditions. Dual focusing makes it possible to make quick and precise adjustments. The short close-up range of 3.8 m gives you incredible views of nature and animals in front of your lens.

Leica APO Televid 82 Set - robust and safe

In addition to its high image quality, the Leica APO Televid 82 Set impresses with its extreme robustness, which also applies to the eyepiece. The housing is made of rubberized magnesium, which is incredibly durable and quiet at the same time. The eyepiece also has rubberized functional components, so you can attach it to the APO Televid 82 W safely and quickly. The nitrogen filling inside prevents the lenses from fogging up.

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The Leica APO Televid 82 SetIf you want to fully indulge in lifelike observation or take digiscoping to a professional level, the set of Leica APO Televid 82 W spotting scope and 25-50x WW ASPH wide-angle eyepiece is an excellent choice. Need help? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone at 06071-922765 or by e-mail.

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From €2,106.00*
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Swarovski CL Curio 7x21 binoculars - compact, strong, timeless! Welcome to the CL series: The new CL Curio 7x21 is the most compact and lightest binocular in this class. Strong optical quality and elegant design make the new Swarovski binoculars the ideal choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetics and comfort. The highlights of the CL Curio 7x21 at a glance. 7x magnification 21 mm objective lens diameter Large field of view (135 m / 1000 m) Approx. 250 g 3 mm exit pupil Optional for the Swarovski CL Curio 7x21: VPA Variable Phone Adapter CSO Lens Cleaning Kit AR-Bs adapter ring for CL Curio Included The CL Curio 7x21 binoculars are delivered including functional bag, carrying strap, eyepiece protection cap and microfiber cloth. Back to nature - with the CL Curio 7x21 for relaxed observing. "Expect the unexpected" - this is the motto with which Swarovski Optik offers the new CL Curio 7x21 and wants to encourage customers to take a closer look - to look for the unexpected. And the new binoculars are truly unexpectedly lightweight and compact. In fact, it is the lightest binocular in the CL series, and thanks to the foldable design, it is also incredibly handy. You can barely feel the 250 g on the strap, so the CL Curio can be worn around your neck ready for use at any time. This means you'll be ready for anything unexpected in nature immediately, discovering it with your eyes from a distance! In terms of optics and viewing experience, Swarovski offers familiar quality with the CL Curio 7x21 and valuable advantages for nature lovers in the field of compact binoculars: the lightweight binoculars can be held steady, allowing for blur-free observation - compared to larger binoculars. For its class, the compact binoculars deliver first-class images and sharp contrasts. CL Curio 7x21: Timeless design developed by Marc Newson Swarovski positions the CL Curio 7x21 between functionality and aesthetics. Simple, clear shapes meet a stylish design. The new binoculars were developed in collaboration with internationally renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, who gave the CL Curio a timeless elegance. He paid special attention to the seamless transition of the foldable bridge. The result is a clean-looking pair of binoculars - both when closed and when open. Available in black and Burnt Orange with a silver bridge, the new CL series binoculars are a great value. The CL Curio 7x21 from Swarovski Optik is the binoculars you've been looking for for your recreational activities and nature observation? If you have any questions about the product, feel free to contact us during business hours at 06071 922765 or send us your questions by email.

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