Innogun Quick Release Mount for Sauer 404 - Zeiss
Innomount quick release mount for Sauer 404 - Zeiss VM/ZM inner rail The Innomount quick-release scope mount is a solid connection between weapon and optics. Innomount attaches great importance to highest manufacturing quality and innovative details. The quick-release assembly is equipped with clamping levers that lie in the case when closed. This prevents unclouded opening. To open, you have to press a push button on the opposite side - then the clamping lever jumps out and can be opened manually. By using 4 sliding blocks to fix the optics with Zeiss inner rail, a reliable hold of the optics on the rifle scope mounting is guaranteed. Also when using recoil-strong hunting rifles. The mounting is suitable for Zeiss rifle scopes with inner rail as well as for a large number of other renowned manufacturers who also use the Zeiss inner rail: Leica, Meopta, etc.   Details: Clamping lever with protection against unintentional opening repeatable made of steel suitable for Sauer 404 suitable for Zeiss VM/ZM inner rail Height: 8 mm Type Number: 50-VM-08-00-650