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QuickLOAD Software
QuickLOAD Software
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reloading equipment for the serious hunter & shooter

Every hunter and marksman knows: The ammunition that matches the weapon is also decisive for a precise, hunting shot and a high accuracy. Whether hunting or shooting: reloading ammunition expands the possibilities for hunters and marksmen enormously, because each cartridge can be manufactured individually for the intended use.

 Important equipment for reloaders of ammunition!

Although the reloading of cartridges served economic purposes in earlier years, it is popular today for other reasons: the manufacture of a cartridge that is optimally matched to the hunting weapon and the intended use. Whether ammunition for historical weapons, special bullets or cartridges for training purposes: Reloading offers all freedoms for hunters and sport shooters.

Nevertheless, certain requirements must be met and work steps carried out to achieve the most precise ammunition possible. After all, this is another reason for reloading cartridges: Bulk ammunition can only guarantee average precision, because no two weapons are alike. 100 % compatibility can only be achieved if the cartridge and rifle are perfectly matched. To achieve this, frequent testing and documentation is necessary. Support is provided, for example, by the Quickload software, which makes internal balistic calculations for almost every load (even for exotic calibres) and thus facilitates reloading.


Required reloading accessories:

  • Casings and projectiles
  • Igniter and propellant charge
  • Powder scale & powder dosing device
  • Loading press & die

Please note that the ammunition is also subject to the German Weapons Act during reloading. The tools and equipment required for reloading are available free of charge. However, the purchase of propellants (nitrocellulose powder, black powder) requires official permission. For this purpose, a recognised course must be successfully completed with an expert knowledge examination. Only persons who have been declared "harmless" according to the Explosives Act will be admitted to such a course. This certificate can only be obtained if there are no (negative) entries in the Federal Central Register, Trade Register, Police and Public Prosecutor's Office. Entries in the certificate of good conduct as well as ongoing investigations or criminal proceedings are regarded as grounds for refusal of the certificate of harmlessness.


Reliable advice thanks to practical experience

Whether you have questions about reloading or other products from our range: You benefit from our practical, extensive wealth of experience as a specialist dealer for hunting equipment and as an experienced hunter. Many products from our shop have been specially tested. We can therefore offer you very authentic and helpful advice.

Please contact us and we will answer your questions in detail. Give us a call or send us an e-mail!