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Kahles Helia TI25 Wärmebildgerät
Kahles Helia TI25 Thermal Image
€1,400.00 * €2,000.00 *
Kahles Helia TI18+
Kahles Helia TI18+
€1,980.00 * €2,950.00 *
Kahles Helia TI35+
Kahles Helia TI35+
€1,980.00 * €2,950.00 *
Swarovski tMA Klemmadapter für tM 35
Swarovski tMA thermal monocular adapter
€204.30 *
Swarovski RB tM 35 Akku
Swarovski RB tM 35 Battery
€69.00 *
Swarovski tM35 Wärmebildgerät
Swarovski tM 35 Thermal Image
€2,565.00 *
Kahles Helia TI25 Wärmebildgerät
Kahles Helia TI25 Thermal Image
€1,800.00 *
Kahles Helia TI35 Wärmebildgerät
Kahles Helia TI35 Thermal Image
€2,250.00 *

Thermal imagers for observation or as a complete solution for shootíng and hunting

Illuminated rifle scopes and night vision devices have made hunting easier overall, but especially the safe targeting of game. Depending on external conditions, however, these devices reach their optical and technical limits. Thermal imaging devices meet the new requirements of modern hunting and are indispensable for demanding hunters.

Thermal imaging devices: Advantages thanks to thermo-optical technology

Thermal imaging technology uses infrared radiation, which is invisible to humans, to depict differences between temperatures. In an environment where there are no other heat sources, game can thus be quickly located. Depending on the mode selected, the thermal imagers display the heat source in black and white or shades of red and blue. The images of the thermal imagers are not true to color, but the contours of the heat sources make it easy to determine what kind of game or object it is.

Thermal imagers not only have the advantage that they make heat sources (as long as they are not covered by bushes and thickets) quickly detectable. Unlike night vision devices, thermal imaging devices work with thermal energy (heat) and can therefore provide images for the human eye even in complete darkness. This allows thermal imagers to be used at any time of day or night, regardless of weather conditions. Since thermal imagers work on the basis of heat, they also do not emit light that could scare away passing game.

Night vision devices amplify the light they perceive from the environment - hence they are also called residual light amplifiers. If there is not enough light in the environment, you won't be able to see much on your night vision device either.

Thermal imagers for wildlife observation.

The market offers thermal imagers that are for pure observation - for example, the Kahles Helia TI35. Depending on the manufacturer, the models can be operated by pressing a few buttons, so you can move as quietly as possible and quickly get the appropriate images.

Thermal imaging devices as a complete hunting solution

With the tM35, the manufacturer Swarovski offers a repeatable complete solution for hunters who want to mount the thermal imager as an attachment in front of their target optics. The purchase, possession and use of thermal imaging devices as an attachment for the riflescope is regulated differently in the hunting and weapons laws depending on the federal state. Please inform yourself in advance.

You have questions? We will be happy to answer them!

Over the years, thermal imaging devices have become technologically and optically more and more sophisticated, so you get high-quality hunting equipment. Let our team advise you personally on the selection of your thermal imaging device. We are at your disposal under 06071-922765 or by e-mail.