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Kahles Helia TI 35+: Thermal imager with ultra-high detail detection. If you want to... more
Product information "Kahles Helia TI35+"

Kahles Helia TI 35+: Thermal imager with ultra-high detail detection.

If you want to safely target wildlife and capture all relevant details, the Kahles Helia TI 35+ with its new and larger sensor is the right choice. Thanks to ultra-high resolution and 2x optical magnification, you definitely won't miss any detail. All relevant settings can be made quickly thanks to the radically simple operation and you will not lose any time during observation.

The highlights of the Kahles Helia TI 35+ at a glance.

  • 2.0x magnification
  • 35 mm objective lens diameter
  • 1x, 2x , 4x, 8x digital zoom
  • Various color mobi (White Hot, Black Hot, Red Only).
  • High contrast image with high resolution 12 μm VGA sensors / sensor size 640x512 pixels.
  • 3x more pixels* and 40% more sensitivity (NETD <20 mK)*.
  • Extra wide field of view (44 m/100 m)
  • Simplest operability thanks to only 2 buttons
  • Automaticlight (automatic display on and off)
  • Battery life up to 6 h (lithium-ion battery)
  • 430 g
  • Waterproof and vibration resistant.

*compared to standard QVGA sensors

Included with the Helia TI 35+ thermal imager are an object protection cover, carrying strap with quick-release buckle, neoprene protective cover, and USB-C charging cable for the integrated battery.

Ultra-high detail resolution in three color modes.

Want to see all the relevant details when wildlife spotting to confidently target the game animal? High-resolution 12µm VGA sensors and a 1024 x 768px OLED display enable ultra-high detail resolution that lets you get up close and personal thanks to 2x optical magnification and up to 8x digital zoom. With 3x more pixels and 40% more sensitivity than standard QVGA senors, the Helia TI 35+ delivers absolutely high contrast and detailed images - whether you're watching wildlife in White Hot, Black Hot or Red Only color modes. And with the extremely wide field of view, you'll be able to scan your surroundings for heat sources in no time.

Kahles Helia TI 35+ with radical ease of use

Kahles has thought of everything in its new thermal imagers. The Helia 35+ can be operated with just two buttons on the top. Not only are the push buttons ergonomically placed so you can make adjustments while observing. The two control buttons also ensure very intuitive handling. Thanks to the very clear menu with only five sub-items, you can absolutely concentrate on the essentials.
The Automaticlight automatic on/off technology not only makes it easier to use the thermal imager because it is ready for use within seconds without you having to press a button. It also prevents a brightly lit display from spooking wildlife. A tilt and motion sensor turns the Helia TI 35+ on and off. This also conserves the lithium-ion battery with a maximum runtime of 6 h. Thanks to its ergonomic design and non-slip armor, the thermal imager fits comfortably in the hand and enables fatigue-free observation.

Order thermal imagers from Kahles conveniently online!

Wetness, dirt, shocks: The Kahles Helia TI 35+ is not only an ultra-high resolution thermal imager, but also a very robust and durable one. As a product of the latest generation, the Helia TI 35+ knows how to impress with the latest technology and high-resolution sensors. If you have any questions about Kahles products, we will be happy to answer them by phone at 06071-922765 or by e-mail.

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