Swarovski tM 35 Thermal Image

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Swarovski tM 35 thermal image for observation and as an attachment device The Swarovski tM 35... more
Product information "Swarovski tM 35 Thermal Image"

Swarovski tM 35 thermal image for observation and as an attachment device

The Swarovski tM 35 combines state-of-the-art technology with practical functions: The innovative product is a latest-generation thermal imaging device usable both as an observation device and as an attachment in combination with a riflescope - thus allowing you to literally turn night into day. Especially for night hunting of wild boar, the tM35 offers a high-quality complete solution for the passionate hunter.

The highlights of the tM 35 thermal imager at a glance● 1x magnification (optical), 4x magnification (digital).

  • 35 mm lens diameter
  • Field of view (10.9 x 8.7 m / 100 m)
  • 100 % field of view for eyeglass wearers
  • 21 mm exit pupil
  • Approx. 495 g
  • 170 mm length, 80 mm height
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Amoled screen type
  • 2560 x 2048 pixel screen resolution
  • 2 seconds power-on time
  • Operating temperature -15°C to +50°C
  • Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
  • 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 7 h battery operating time
  • Recoil tested with the same criteria as all Swarovski target optics
  • Maximum point-of-impact shift with the tMA clamping adapter after reattaching the entire system with a Swarovski 4 cm riflescope (Shooting in is not necessary. The reticle of the riflescope is used).
  • Battery can be effortlessly replaced (even in the dark) with a spare battery.

Optional for the tM 35 thermal image

  • RB tM 35 rechargeable battery as a replacement battery.
  • tMA clamping adapter for tM 35 for repeatable mounting on the scope.


The tM 35 thermal imager comes with RB tM 35 battery, RBC charger, micro USB charging cable, functional pouch, side light shield, carrying strap, hand strap, eyepiece cover and integrated eyepiece cover.

tM 35 thermal imager meets the demands of modern hunting

With the t line, from which the new thermal imager comes, Swarovski Optik enters a new era: The clever use of thermo-optical hunting equipment. It goes without saying that the tM 35 thermal imager offers the highest optical quality on a Swarovski scale. It combines observation and sighting device in one precise technology and thus meets the demands of modern hunting: Respectful observation and safe target acquisition - both by day and by night, thanks to the Black Hot / White Hot mode. Reliable, sustainable, hunter-friendly - these are the new attributes of the hunting era with the tM 35 thermal imager.

Flexible in use - the tM35 thermal imaging device

Probably the greatest highlight of the tM35 is that it combines an observation and sighting device in one. This gives the hunter a wide range of possible applications. Whether you want to observe, detect, target or aim: The tM35 is always with you. In observation mode, it offers 4 x 35 magnification. For higher detail detection depending on the situation, you can switch between White Hot (usually the default setting for day and twilight) and Black Hot (often preferred for night) modes. Especially in adverse weather conditions, at dusk or at night, the strengths of the new tM35 thermal imager come into their own.

Accurate on the hunt - tM 35 as an attachment

With the matching tMA clamping adapter, you can quickly convert the tM35 thermal imager into an attachment and place it in front of your target optics. Swarovski Optik promises that the tM35 is compatible with all riflescopes in the Z8(i), Z6i, Z5(i) and Z3 series (with the exception of the Z8i 1-8x24 driven hunt riflescope with SR rail). As an attachment, the tM35 offers 1x magnification and, in combination with the user's own riflescope, ensures accurate sighting. Of course, your own sighting optics can be set to a higher magnification. However, we recommend a maximum of 8x magnification for hunting practice, otherwise you will see the pixels on the display of the attachment. The tM35 can be mounted as an attachment with repeatable accuracy using the tMA clamping adapter.

Simple operation for hunting success

Too many manual operations can stand in the way of hunting success. This made it all the more important for Swarovski Optik to keep the operation of the tM35 thermal imager as simple as possible. It is therefore not surprising that only a single push of a button is all that is needed to activate the observation and sighting device for the entire hunting season. The integrated SWAROLIGHT automatic on/off function supports hunting success and quickly and silently switches from rest to active mode or vice versa as soon as you pick up the weapon and bring it into a vertical position for firing. The display automatically adjusts its brightness to the environment, so you can keep your movements, and therefore noise, to a minimum.

Benefits of thermal imaging technology for hunting

Thermal imaging is an exciting topic among hunting enthusiasts, and it's not uncommon for it to generate a lot of discussion. At this point, we would like to take another look at the advantages of thermal imaging technology for hunting. Thermal imaging devices such as the tM 35 make heat sources (game) immediately detectable - regardless of the distance. This increases the chance of a faster, more reliable response and an accurate shot even in complete darkness. Since thermal imagers display images using temperature differences and operate without light, they can easily be used during the day as well as at night - or even in complete darkness.
Although you can basically capture more details of the object with a night vision device, the tM 35 delivers excellent images with a screen resolution of 2560 x 2048 pixels (320 x 256 px sensor resolution).

Please feel free to contact us for a personal consultation!

The Swarovski tM 35 thermal imager has aroused your curiosity? We would be happy to advise you personally on the new highlights from Swarovski. You can reach us during opening hours at 06071 922765 or send us an e-mail with your questions.
We would like to point out at this point that the general conditions for the purchase, possession and use of thermal imaging technology depend on the respective applicable weapons and hunting laws. Therefore, please inform yourself in advance about the applicable regulations in your country / state.


The Swarovski tM35 will be available from spring 2022! Preorders could be placed yet.

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