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Arcteryx Gothic Glove Black Arcteryx Gothic Glove
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Arcteryx Gothic Glove Black
Arcteryx Gothic Glove
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€38.99 *
Arcteryx Lyra Short Women's Rad
Arcteryx Lyra Short Women's
Content 1 Stück
€38.02 * €58.49 *

Ladies hunting clothing - from functional underwear to weather protection!

Whether the clothing is suitable for hunting and other outdoor activities also depends on its fit. The better a functional shirt, long underpants or jacket fits the body, the better the garment can play off its warming, regulating and protective properties. In our shop you will therefore find functional clothing for female hunters that is adapted to the female anatomy.

Outdoor and hunting clothing: fit is important for functional underwear!

It is extremely important that clothing fits the individual wearer, especially when it comes to functional underwear. It should fit as closely as possible to the body so that it can fulfil its characteristics of transporting moisture away from the body. If there is no contact between the body and functional underwear, moisture or sweat remains on the skin. The result: you freeze more quickly because the moisture on your skin eventually cools off.

Men's and women's hunting apparel - or clothing in general - differs in many things, e.g. colour design. The decisive factor, however, is the fit, as men and women have different physiques. This must also be taken into account in women's hunting clothing, so that women in the hide, on the stalk or when aiming are not hindered by oversized jackets, bulky trousers or gloves.

Comfort in all weather conditions - women's hunting clothing offers you a versatile selection of functional, high-performance and fashionable ladies hunting clothing, which can also be ideally combined according to the onion principle. For example, the functional shirts with and without sleeves made of fast-drying synthetic fibres or longsleeves made of wool, which keep you warm even at the lowest temperatures. You will also find warm fleece jackets, vests, hoodies and winter jackets for extreme weather conditions. These include different colours and patterns - including the Real Tree Design for optimal camouflage in nature - as well as high-quality materials such as merino wool, hard shell and softshell and Gore Tex for the best possible weather protection.

We are happy to advise you on vests, jackets, trousers and the like!

When choosing the right clothing for hunting and outdoor activities, we advise you to choose the right materials according to your plans and individual needs. Because the question "wool or synthetic fibre?" can be answered in many ways: Wool is not always pleasant to wear on the skin and, in addition, quite sensitive in care and handling, but absolutely irreplaceable in cold weather and wearing comfort. Synthetic fibre always scores points when it comes to moisture transport, dries quickly and is very light. However, an unpleasant odour occurs more frequently here than with wool! Simply air out the socks, the T-shirt or the pullover, unfortunately helps less with synthetic fibres.

You can reach our free telephone consultation on +49-6071-922765, with which we will be happy to help you choose the right ladies' jackets, trousers for extreme weather and waistcoats for cool days.