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DIN 912 M3x4 Screws for Aimpoint Micro H2
Content 1 Stück
€1.70 *
Blaser Sattelmontage DIN 7984 M4x8 Screws for Blaser Saddle Mount
Content 1 Stück
€1.75 *
HMS Safe für Schwenkmontagebasis HMS Safe for pivot mounts
Content 1 Stück
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HMS 2 Sight (Montage für Rotpunkt auf Zielfernrohr) HMS 2 Sight
Content 1 Stück
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Blaser Sattelmontage DIN 7984 M4x8
Screws for Blaser Saddle Mount
Find the right spare parts for the Blaser Saddle Mount
Content 1 Stück
€1.75 *
DIN 912 M3x4
Screws for Aimpoint Micro H2
The screws for assembling Your Aimpoint Micro H2 on the scope mount - as a spare part for lost or damaged screws
Content 1 Stück
€1.70 *
Quick-Release Oberteile für Zeiss Innenschiene
HMS Quick-Release scope mount for Zeiss VM/ZM rail
Henneberger Quick-Release upper parts for mounting a Zeiss rifle scope with inner rail on Leupold Quick-Release bases.
Content 1
€109.00 *
Innomount Tactical-Flex Festmontage (FM)
Innomount Tactical-Flex Fixed Scope Mount (FM)
The Innomount Tactical-Flex Fixed Scope Mount (FM) is a reliable fixed installation for sporting shooting at great distances
Content 1 Stück
€239.00 *
Innomount Tactical-Flex Schnellspannmontage (SSM)
Innomount Tactical-Flex Quick Detachable Scope...
The Innomount Tactical-Flex quick release mount is an innovative, patented mount for rifle scopes on all long rifles.
Content 1 Stück
€299.00 *
HMS Safe für Schwenkmontagebasis
HMS Safe for pivot mounts
The HMS Safe is a mounting for the front pivot mounting base. You can find many more Henneberger products in our online shop!
Content 1 Stück
From €239.00 *
HMS 2 Sight (Montage für Rotpunkt auf Zielfernrohr)
HMS 2 Sight
With the HMS 2 Sight from Henneberger it is possible to mount a red dot sight on any rifle scope.
Content 1 Stück
€139.00 *

Scope mounts & accessories for various hunting rifles

Whether fixed mounting, quick-release mounting, screws or other accessories for the secure connection of rifle scope and hunting weapon: As a specialist dealer for hunting equipment and accessories, we offer you a versatile selection of scope mounts for different hunting rifles and shotguns. Have a look around in our assortment!


Scope mounts at

In order to meet the requirements of a rifle scope mount, we offer you a wide range of suitable products from renowned manufacturers. You can assemble the scope mount as an absolutely secure connection between the rifle scope and the hunting weapon - no matter which rifle scope and hunting weapon you use. The wide range on the market offers the right solution for almost every combination. And this is important to ensure precision, repeatability and accuracy.

The type of scope mount you choose depends, among other things, on the intended use. For example, a quick-release mount offers the advantage of quickly removing the riflescope from the weapon - for separate transport or changing the scope, for example. The sight with the fixed mount sits absolutely securely on the hunting rifle. Operating errors are almost impossible here and have no influence on the accuracy. However, tools are absolutely necessary for disassembly or replacement, which leads to minor losses in flexibility and handling. The decision is nevertheless left to each hunter and is not least a question of personal preference.


Choosing the right scope mount for Your rifle

Before you decide to mount a riflescope, you should clarify a few points to ensure that it is an absolutely suitable product. This is crucial for recoil profofness and precision. It is therefore important that the underside of the assembly matches the hunting rifle and the upper parts the target optics. For mounting rings you have to choose the right size for the rifle scope. At the same time, the rail connection must fit - for example for prism, Weaver or Picatinny rails, one- or two-piece mounts.


Please also note:

  • high robustness due to high-quality materials (e.g. aluminium, steel)
  • Purpose of use / scope of use (e.g. quick-release mounting for quick removal/change of target optics)
  • Push-fit or tilt-fit mounting with screws or lever, hook-in or swivel mounting


Tips for Assembling the Scope Mounts

It is recommended to tighten all screws with a high quality torque wrench to avoid damaging the lenses in the scope. In addition, this ensures a bulletproof fit of the riflescope in any case.
Well-known riflescope manufacturers such as Swarovski Optik offer a torque of 2.0 Nm for the rings (screw size 6-48). Make sure that these values differ for inner rails and other types of mounting. You should therefore always read the operating instructions carefully.
We also recommend that you secure the main mounting screws with Loctite 243. This will prevent accidental loosening over the years due to vibration and mechanical stress.


High-quality rifle scope mounting: Our brands in the shop!

In our assortment you will find rifle scope mounts for various hunting weapons. You get the choice between well-known manufacturers, different models and also different price ranges. Thus you have absolutely free hand with the decision for a scope mount and must neither reduce your requirements nor buy over your budget. Rifle scope mounts from Innogun (Innomount) and Henneberger have proven themselves for years. But the Quick Release from Leupold has also earned its place in the market.


We will be happy to advise you in detail on the rifle scope mounts that are suitable for your hunting rifle, the rifle optics and the intended use. For a personal consultation we are available to you gladly by telephone under +49-6071-922765. Or send us an e-mail with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.