Eisele Gun Case RIF / S 880 (8.239.0)

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Eisele rifle case RIF / S 880 (8.239.0) The Eisele rifle cases are made of solid welded... mehr
Produktinformationen "Eisele Gun Case RIF / S 880 (8.239.0)"

Eisele rifle case RIF / S 880 (8.239.0)

The Eisele rifle cases are made of solid welded aluminium sheets.

Made of solid aluminium, the Eisele cases, some of which are equipped with castors, safety locks and anchors, offer incomparably good quality. With the help of a perfectly thought-out multilayer foam inlay system, the weapon, rifle scope and other sensitive objects are fixed in the case in a non-slip manner.

A circumferential, weatherproof neoprene rubber seal offers optimum protection against harmful environmental influences such as dust, moisture and splash water.

The extraordinary surface stability of the cases has been achieved by structural embossing in the metal on the side surfaces, whereby edges and corners have been rounded to avoid injuries.

Technical data:

  • Suitable for: A rifle with scope and accessories
  • Internal dimensions (mm): 860 x 230 x 60+35
  • robust, lightweight, stylish design
  • completely welded aluminium
  • continuous aluminium hinge hinge
  • a flat carrying strap reinforced with a steel strap

Important notes:

  • Only the case without contents is included in the scope of delivery.
  • The second picture shows a fully equipped suitcase. Please pay attention to the features mentioned in "Technical data". A case, for example, only has wheels if this is expressly mentioned in the description text.
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