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Heym Keiler-Kimme
Heym - Keiler Rear Sight
The Keiler-Rear-Sight from Heym is ideal for retrofitting your hunting rifle - especially together with the LED light grain.
Content 1 Stück
€125.00 *
Heym Keiler Visierung
Heym - Keiler Front Sight
The KeilerFront Sight from Heym as a spare part and for retrofitting your hunting rifle with a driven hunt sights.
Content 1 Stück
€125.00 *

Products from Heym


Heym - German manufacturer of hunting rifles & rifle scopes

Heym AG is a traditional German company that has been manufacturing hunting weapons and weapon accessories for more than 150 years. Heym products are known all over the world for their easy handling, precision and durability.

Each Heym rifle and scope represents over 150 years of experience.


Heym AG - Craftsmanship for over 150 Years

The company from Suhl in Thuringia has always stood for high-quality materials, the best processing techniques and excellent craftsmanship in gunsmithing, as well as other hunting accessories. Specialist gunsmiths manufacture and assemble every component of Heym hunting rifles - bascule, breech, stock and barrel - in the company's own factory. This enables Heym to check every aspect of quality and offer its customers tailor-made solutions that are by no means to be found everywhere in the hunting industry.

The Waffen-Manufaktur Heym was founded in 1865 by Friedrich Wilhelm Heym in Suhl, Thuringia. Although the manufacturer already had a good reputation at that time, Heym achieved worldwide fame in 1891. The company introduced the first triplet without external taps. Until 1914, the Russian market in particular was an important importer of Heym weapons. Under the leadership of Adolf Heym, the international business increasingly moved to the USA.

After the Second World War Heym tried a new start in West Germany and changed the company headquarters from Suhl to Ostheim an der Rhön in Lower Franconia. Although production was limited to cuckoo clocks, spinning wheels and other products, the company - now under the management of August and Rolf Heym - remained rooted in its roots.

In 1988 Oskar W. Zurflüh takes over the management of the company. For the first time, no member of the Heym family is involved in the company. Later, the company is renamed Heym Jagdwaffenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG was relocated to Munich. In 1995, a new building for the gun manufactory was erected in Gleichamberg in Thuringia, the home of Heym. The company headquarters changed again - but still for the last time. Since 1998, the sales focus has been on foreign regions, especially in Eastern Europe. In 2002 the company went public, in 2007 it was renamed Heym AG.

Accessories & equipment for Heym hunting rifles

Many hunters worldwide are enthusiastic about the unique German quality and classic English design of the Heym hunting rifles, which are also offered at an excellent price. The same applies to the hunting equipment, which is made to fit Heym rifles. In our online shop you will find Heym accessories for hunting with open sights. With the rear sights the SR 21 and SR 30 can be converted effortlessly to a driven hunt weapon. Simply replace the standard sight with Keiler front sight and rear sight. The "Keiler" rear sight can be combined with the Firefly LED Sight, a proprietary development of Titanium Gunworks.