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Leica Monovid 8x20 Leica Monovid 8x20
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Leica Monovid 8x20
Leica Monovid 8x20
Content 1 Stück
€495.00 *

Leica Monovid for Hunting, Nature, Travel & Opera

Monoculars such as the Leica Monovid have a wide range of applications - even though the binoculars are compact and not very large. This is because the Monovid is suitable for observation during hunting and nature excursions as well as on journeys and as opera glasses or in the theatre.

Monovid from Leica with numerous advantages

The Monovid will not be a fully-fledged alternative to hunting optics or spotting scopes, as it is also simply designed for other purposes. However, the monocular knows how to convince on the hunt and with the nature observation. Because the size is the decisive point. Due to the compact design, the Monovid is not only practical in the luggage or in the bag stowed. It is therefore also quickly ready for use. With a length of 97.9 mm, a width of 35.5 mm and a weight of 112g, the monocular is unbeatably small and light. It also fits easily into a jacket pocket or evening bag for the opera.

Leica offers the Monovid 8 x 20 with eightfold magnification in three different colors - black, red and silver. Using the close-up lens supplied, you can view objects at a distance of 25 to 30 cm. With this macro effect, even the finest structures can be detected.

First-class optics in monoculars

As with all binoculars and spotting scopes, the Leica Monovid delivers first-class optical quality. The monocular delivers brilliant images with strong contrasts and pin sharp details. The nitrogen filling prevents fogging of the lens. The outer lens also has a special Aqua-Dura coating to repel dirt and water. This means that the Leica Monovid is ready for use even in bad weather conditions.

The entire optical system is packaged in an aluminum housing. This makes the Monovid a reliable and robust companion in various situations. If you still want to protect the monocular from shocks or falls, you can also use a carrying strap.

If you have any questions about the Leica Monovid - or other monoculars and hunting optics - please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply call us on +49-6071-922765 and we will help you with your product selection.