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Swarovski ATC 17-40x56
Swarovski ATC 17-40x56
From €2,106.00 *
Swarovski STC 17-40x56
Swarovski STC 17-40x56
€2,214.00 *

ATC/STC 17-40x56 - ultralight spotting scopes from Swarovski Optik

With the ATC 17-40x56 and the STC 17-40x56, Swarovski Optik has launched two new spotting scopes that will especially please all those hunters and wildlife observers who want a small pack size on long trips. Whether in the hand, on a strap around the shoulder, in a backpack or in hand luggage, the ATC/STC spotting scope will delight with its lightweight compactness.

The highlights of the ATC/STC 17-40x56 at a glance.

  • Up to 40x magnification
  • Adjustable up to 3.4 m (shortest distance)
  • Smaller than an A4 sheet of paper
  • Lighter than 1 kg
  • Highest optical performance
  • Can be used with VPA for digiscoping

ATC/STC - the ideal companion for long tours.

When you are on the road for several hours or even days, hiking or heading out for a hunting trip, heavy equipment is usually the biggest nuisance. Swarovski Optik has specially designed the ATC/STC spotting scopes to be so compact and lightweight that they are ideal companions for all ventures where a small pack size or weight is desired. Both the ATC 17-40x56 with oblique view and the STC 17-40x56 with straight view impress with a net weight of less than 1 kg. And the dimensions are also so compact that the spotting scopes are no larger than an A4 sheet.
If you do not store the spotting scope in a backpack, but use it, the carrying strap makes it comfortable to carry. It can be mounted directly on the telescope and ensures a secure hold of the spotting scope around your neck.
Since few people take a tripod with them, especially on long hunting and hiking trips, Swarovski Optik has mounted a removable half-shell on the bottom of the ATC/STC spotting scopes. This allows you to observe quietly and stably in the wild without a tripod by simply holding the spotting scope in your hand or placing it on a firm surface. Best of all, you don't block the focusing wheel and can turn it undisturbed to find the right setting.

New spotting scopes from Swarovski Optik - available as ATC and STC

Swarovski Optik is making the new spotting scopes available with both oblique (ATC) and straight viewing (STC). Although the ATC spotting scope is preferred by many hunters and nature observers for their various applications, and the STC is mostly advantageous for observations on a backpack or other surface, it ultimately remains a personal choice.
Differences in terms of optical performance - with Field Flattener lenses, high contrast image sharpness to the edge, maximum color fidelity with high transmission - do not exist between the ATC and STC. Besides the angle for viewing - oblique or straight - the models differ only slightly in their dimensions and weight.
H2: ATC/STC spotting scopes - the highlight for mountain hunters

Due to its compact lightness and well thought-out operability, the ATC/STC spotting scope from Swarovski Optik is, in our view, particularly suitable for mountain hunting. When climbing through rough terrain, the low dead weight comes in handy. Once you have reached the top, you can use the ATC/STC spotting scope to get close to the object and observe it in razor-sharp images, blur-free.
If you have any questions about the new spotting scopes ATC 17-40x56, available in green and burnt orange, and STC 17-40x56, available in green, please do not hesitate to contact us. We advise you personally under 06071-922765 or by message.