Innogun Quick Release Mount (slight long) for Merkel - Picatinny

Product information "Innogun Quick Release Mount (slight long) for Merkel - Picatinny"

Innomount quick detachable scope mount (slight long) for Merkel - Picatinny

The Innogun quick-release mount is specially adapted to the mounting bases of Merkel hunting rifles (e.g. B3/B4/KR1/K3/K5) and offers innovative, reliable and repeatable riflescope mount at a high quality level. Innogun offers a variety of different special mounts - so that modern thermal imaging devices or night vision technology can also be mounted reliably.

With the integrated picatinny rail on the top of the mount, driven hunt optics, red dot sights, thermal devices or night vision technology or other accessories based on a picatinny rail mount can be mounted comfortably and reliably on your Merkel hunting rifle.

The "Slight Long" version is manufactured particularly flat with an overall height of only 12 mm.



  • Clamping lever with safety device against unintentional opening
  • accurate to repeat
  • made of steel
  • suitable for Merkel B3/B4/KR1/K3/K5
  • suitable for Picatinny rail
  • construction height: 12 mm
  • Type number: 52-PT-12-00-900

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