Innomount Zero - Blaser - Pulsar Talion

Product information "Innomount Zero - Blaser - Pulsar Talion"

Innomount Zero for Blaser - Pulsar Talion

The Innomount Zero quick release mount for Blaser hunting rifles is a solid connection between Your rifle and the Pulsar Talion thermal image scope.

With the new Zero locking mechanism, you screw the mount onto the rifle and then press the lever to mount - this decouples it and prevents it from operating the bolt mechanism. To release the mount again, pull the lever towards you, this couples it in the breech mechanism and now the breech can be released again. A very reliable and safe method.



  • "Zero" locking mechanism
  • highly accurate
  • suitable for Blaser
  • suitable for Pulsar Talion
  • height: 16 mm
  • type number: 40-TN-16-00-800

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